Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Week Links: 72

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 72...

Absolutely in love with the work of Ineke Tijsseling.

Tiny museum landscapes from Michelle Remy.

And speaking of...a magical museum of hyperreal miniatures.

A cabinet of curiosities of sorts during Frieze Week London.

Turning a run-down Chicago bank building into an arts center. For $1.

Traveler's notebook from Amy Tangerine via Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

(how to) Get over comparing yourself to other creatives from Adam J. Kurtz.


Michelle Remy said...

I look forward to your wonderful link list every week (ALWAYS find something inspired and informative) so imagine my glee upon seeing my tiny landscapes highlighted! Thank you! Michelle from Lost Coast Post

Sisterhood of the Muse said...

Thanks for the great set of Links. Really enjoyed reading about the Stony Island Arts Bank! Have a great week.

elle said...

ah, a closed door is not necessarily a locked door! Even if it is a wee small museum door it is worth exploring and capturing! :)

cindy said...

Absolutely love Adam JK. Have found so many wonderful artists through your blog.
Thank you!

Diana Trout {} said...

OEMGEE Michelle Remy. Thanks Seth! How did I not know her!

froebelsternchen said...

Thank you for your always so inspiring links and congrats on the new stamp line.. they look so very cool! GREAT!
my blog: