Friday, May 6, 2016

Art New York/CONTEXT new york

It's Frieze Week in NYC and we have been taken over by art fairs. Given the stretch of cold, wet weather we are having, what better place to be but indoors looking at art?

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Art New York and CONTEXT new york, both being held side-by-side at Pier 94 in Manhattan. They run through Sunday if you want to attend.

Wanted to share with you a few of my favorite finds...

Lucas Weinachter @ Galerie Linz

Christiaan Conradie @ Galerie 55Bellechasse

 Daniel Quinn @ gibbons&nicholas

Nicholas Wilton @ CALDWELLSNYDER

video installation

memory suitcases

Jean-Michel Basquiat @ ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN


Carole M. said...

Amazing, Seth......they're all amazing!!!

Jen Worden said...

oooooo! I love Nicholas Wilton's stuff but new-to-me is Christaan Conradie ... those drips from hyper-realism into ...well... chaos makes me swoon!

Check out Andrew Salgado at Thierry Goldberg Gallery, if you get a chance. I wonder if his works are as stunning as they appear online!

Thanks for letting us all live vicariously, Seth! :D

Sharmon Davidson said...

Very cool stuff... I love the suitcase pieces!

Unknown said...

thank you for sharing!! Yep...bad weather seems to bring people in to art

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

I have been following Nicholas! I am a fan!
Thanks for sharing all this GREAT ART Stuff!

Bill said...

It worries me when I see a painting of a man with red yarn (thread?) spilling out/up of his head. I'm quite sure that's going to happen to me some day.