Saturday, August 13, 2016

Keep on Playing

Last month,  Interweave put together a cool bundle of my products perfect for mixed media play. The bundle included DVDs, books, stencils and stamps. I am excited to say that the bundle has sold out. But, you can still get a special digital bundle -- and save a bundle of money in the process. 

This includes...

 immediate downloads of all 4 of my recently released workshop videos

a digital copy of my second book The Mixed Media Artist

the eMag Folded Books and Paper Art. I'm not in this one...but it will get you to play too!


elle said...

I am organizing my art room. Ever edit gets things better as I understand how I work and now how to have my 'stuff' accessible. First up is a Seth day. Well, with all my new videos, make that a Seth week!!! :)

Jo Murray said...

Definitely enough to keep us busy for a while. Well done Seth.