Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Sunday Papers: 12

Welcome to The Sunday Papers. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and turn the virtual pages. Didn't get last week's paper delivery? See every edition here.

Today's paper brings you the Arts and Lesiure section and highlights images from ArtExpo New York 

ArtExpo New York opened on Thursday April 20 and runs through Monday April 24. It is being held on Pier 94 in Manhattan and showcases the work of 400+ exhibitors. 

I have only had a chance to take a quick look through just a few of the many booths. Today I am sharing some of my favorites from those I have seen.

Angela Gebhardt


Kris Gebhardt











Which of these is your favorite?


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Job Tibay is my fave! Thanks for sharing these.

Fliss said...

Thanks so much for sharing Seth and have to say the last one by Job Tibay is my favourite - just love the colours and grid design to the artwork.
Fliss x

Debi Adams said...

Love the "shibori" blue in the last one by Job Tibay. Love the lighting on the man's face :) from Kris Gebhardt. Am drawn to the deep, rich color oozing from Niki Woehler's last piece. I love art. :).

geezercrafter said...

I am very taken by the work of Niki Woehler.

Karen said...

Thanks for the mini tour- would have loved to have gone to this. My fav is Angela's love the grungy peeled look & of course the add in of letters & numbers. Nummy

A Pink said...

A fantastic collection of some of your faves, Seth . Thank you so much for getting me that bit closer to some amazing works of art - yours included of course .
Hope you've had a great weekend .

Jo Murray said...

Surfaces, surfaces, and more inspiring!

Sharon Y said...

It's a tie between Angela's chippy paint and Jobs blue texture.

Squiddy said...

Eduardo Terranova gets my vote first, but plenty more interesting talent there.

Nan G said...

Hmm difficult to pick one. each artist is fasanting in their own way from the use of material and color to the finished piece. Thanks Seth for giving us a peek further into the wonderful world of art!

Robert said...

Talk about an exploration of surface! I can see why you were drawn to the pieces pictured by each of these artists, Seth. My favorite is Angela Gebhardt's piece. I love the way she has developed the distressed "aged" surface in this work and then added the enigmatic words and phrases which seem to come out of this surface, deepening the mystery. Wonderful!

Unknown said...

Job Tibbat and second Terra Nova

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Brilliant art work. I love them all in different ways. Have a great week, Angela xXx

donna joy said...

thanks for sharing-new art to check out!