Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Artful Adventures

So very excited for Nathalie Kalbach, author of Artful Adventures in Mixed Media, her newly released book from North Light. 

As I write this post, the book is ranked #1 in Acrylic Painting on Amazon. The pages of this book are filled with both instruction and inspiration. Just some of the techniques covered include layered texture, monoprinting, photo manipulation, blotted line drawing, and graffiti layering. She covers principles and elements of art, acrylic gels and layers, composition and focal point, collage and assemblage, color wheels and art journaling. And she does all this in the context of taking an artful adventure, whether that be a visit to an artist studio, taking art strolls through a museum. being out in nature, journaling on the go, and more.

I am thrilled to be a guest artist in this book, sharing my inspiration of travels and creating Ephemeral  Discoveries for the book.

I also had the pleasure to spend some time talking to Nathalie about our lives in art, touching on such diverse subjects as organizing found objects, travel journaling, collecting trash, and connecting with people. You can watch the conversation below.

Artful Adventures in Mixed Media Interview with Seth Apter from Nathalie Kalbach on Vimeo.


cecile said...

hi Seth,
if the Netherlands are on your bucket list you can stay a while at my home.
I is in a little village in Friesland, but by bus and train artfull cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdan are reachable. And in 2018 the headtown of my provinve is cultural headtown of Europe ! You are welcome :)

Caz said...

Fantastic guys made me laugh so many times! Love the insights into your artistic Seth, I would never have thought you were a street cleaner stalker LOL!!!!!
I'm definitely putting the book on my wish list!!!

Heather Domke said...

Great interview.....Seth, you should put southern Ontario, Canada on your bucket in Norfolk County along the north shores of Lake Erie is incredible beautiful county side and an area culturally rich in all the arts....visual....literary...theatrical.....galleries....museums...festivals for the arts and studio tours....workshops. Be a great place for you to teach a workshop.

artangel said...

I ADORE this piece Seth! The layers are beautiful and it seems to hint at an intriguing story...keys always make me wonder what secrets they might be protecting! And congratulations on being part of such a wonderful book - it must be very exciting to see your work in print! Best wishes from a fellow rubbish rescuer ha ha :-)

Karen said...

Loved the interview- you two were having so much fun! Loved being a fly on the wall. Also great to get a glimpse into your books.

A Pink said...

First of all Congratulations on being a Guest Artist in Nathalies new book. One to add to my wish list for sure.
Secondly absolutely LOVE your 'Ephemeral Discoveries' work of art- WOW!
and last but by no means least I thoroughly enjoyed watching your convo with Nathalie . The best vid/tv I've watched in a long time. You guys have such a great rapport and had me smiling throughout- infact still smiling now .

Thanks so much for sharing x