Monday, October 2, 2017

Webinar Redux

You're Only One Layer Away from Magic

Have you ever been stuck while working on your art because you thought you might ruin it by adding another layer? Does over-thinking bring out your inner critic and limit your willingness to take creative chances? 

In this 1-hour webinar from June 2016 that was hosted by the peeps who bring you Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, you will learn mixed-media layering techniques to enhance the depth, complexity and power of your work. 

Discover how to push yourself and your art further by letting go and creating without thinking. I  share tips to help you become more comfortable out of your comfort zone by not getting attached to your work, trusting the process, and taking creative risks. My mantra is, You're only one layer away from magic, so grab your paintbrush and tune in. Magic awaits!

This webinar features a recording of a PowerPoint presentation and a demo video on layering pulled from one of my workshop DVDs. You can check it out here.


Unknown said...

How can I join your webinar?

Seth said...

Hey Margie. Click on the link in the last word in this blog post and you will see the details on joining. The Webinar was live last year, so you will only be able to view an archived version.

A Pink said...

Well that would be 'yes' and 'yes' from me in answer to your opening questions Seth so I'll be a downloader for sure . x

UplayOnline said...

How can I join your webinar?