Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mixed Media: falling flower

I am involved in a Skinny Book Swap hosted by Chrysti Hydeck
who wrote a wonderful piece in Cloth Paper Scissors Issue 13 (July/August 2007). There are 25 participants per book and we all need to create 26 original 4"x8" pages, which Chrysti will bind. The extra page will go into a book that will be auctioned for charity. I have posted pictures of one of my pages below. The quote, by Arikida Moritake, is a beautiful haiku. The image is a photograph I took at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Gillian McMurray said...

I was lost for words when I saw this one. It is so beautiful. Lucky swappers.

azirca said...

What a beautiful quote to go with your equally beautiful art page.

Anonymous said...

Thanks seth for directing me here; I have truly enjoyed "catching up" with all your work...this one in particular is just beautiful!

cookievf said...
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cookievf said...

(let me try that again!)

I love your beautiful image and quote! I'm a fellow skinny booker participating in books #2 & #4)

Excitedly waiting to see my book in person!! Wondering if you'll post some pages from yours?

- vicki xo

Seth said...

Thanks Gillian, Azirca, & Thia for your wonderful feedback. Vicki: thank you too and look at my 12/6 Mixed Media: Thinspiration blog post for images of some other pages from the book. You are going to love both of your books! Seth