Monday, October 8, 2007

Underground: altered photo book - four

at home...altered photo book page

at home...detail of altered photo book page

shipping room...altered photo book page


Gillian McMurray said...

Another great page. Love the guy exercising and the 'Do Not...' wording.

azirca said...

I'm loving the texture on these pages. Once again, great work.

Anonymous said...

i really like this page. love the image of the little guy balancing/dancing/controlling what looks to me to be a life raft. the texture of the background plays so well with the motion of the image. and despite/because of the large print of the words, you stop and think perhaps one could try it out at home and see, no? :).

is this book already completed? or are you showing the pages as each one is just completed? curious what the size of the book is and how thick it will be?

Judy said...

Awesome - love the colours and textures too!

Seth said...

Thanks to everyone for their fantastic comments. This book has been fun to work on. redredday: To answer your questions: like much of my work this book is in a small format, approximately 5" by 4". The size of each photo page inside varies however. The book is prebound with 11 blank pages. As each page is completed I am attaching it to one page in the book and posting the image on my blog.