Friday, January 25, 2008

The Pulse: go-to blog

Michelle Ward and How about Orange?
Lisa Hoffman

Marie Otero

Soule Mama
Ali Edwards

My feedlist is topping over 100 sites. But if I had to pick "just one" it'd be my son's: Cliff Worden-Rogers He's on a cross-country adventure for the next 5 months and blogging about all he's up to.
Jen Worden

River Garden Studio
Roxanne Evans Stout

Dispatch from LA
Patty Van Dorin

I'm currently addicted to decor8 for fabulous creations and goodies for your home

Judy Wilkenfeld

There are many blogs that I visit regularly and they range widely from artistic to entertaining to serious. I do love ParisDailyPhoto because it keeps my world from getting too small here in San Francisco.
Barbara Kleinhans

The Land of Lost Luggage

Those of artists actively working in a professional manner
Karen Jacobs

a sort of collective blog:
Jen Renninger

don't look at blogs
Teesha Moore

Medium Coffee - Double Cream - 3 Splenda's
Maralena Howard

Gillian McMurray

The first thing I check every morning is the forum for my favorite band. I can't say I have a favorite blog - there are so many to choose from so I visit some on my link list and then try to find a few new ones every week. Some get better and some (sadly) get worse. I tend to like the home decor blogs that show me cool things I would never have found on my own whether it's an artist or a fabric or a destination. Is it biased to say I love checking my friend Lisa Hoffman's site every day? It's like a visit with her and she always shares cool finds and is such a wit. And examples of design blogs: print & pattern and poppytalk
Michelle Ward

The Altered Page
Trudi Sissons

David Castle

LA Dispatch by my compadre Mary Ann Moss. She's the bomb!
Judy Wise

Oops. Don't have one.
James Michael Starr

My current go-to blog is...hmm, this is a hard one as I like so many...if I have to choose just one then it'll be Ulla at ULLABENULLA. She's a Finder of Amazing Things
Susanna Gordon
Linda Woods

I really haven’t visited many blogs but intend to try to change that. I certainly see the appeal of being able to keep up with what’s new in an artist’s life on a more personal level. Of the few I have visited, I very much enjoyed Michelle Ward’s blog.
Lisa Renner

whip up
Sarah Fishburn

I am not very good at blogs. But I would have to say The Altered Page.
CW Slade

Kelly Kilmer
Andrew Borloz

Mary Ann knows her way around an art journal and her photos are awesome! Visit here: Dispatch from LA
Roben-Marie Smith

Ornamental by Nina Bagley
Ro Bruhn

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I can't live without Go Fug Yourself.
It makes me laugh every day
Jessica Gonacha

Said & Done
Angela Cartwright

I haven't really had a chance to explore blog-world yet but I do love The Altered Page
not mass produced

Apifera Farm
Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Jenny Archibald
Stephanie McAtee

There are so many but these days I chose Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien because even though I can't understand most of the text (it's in French), the images are so unique and often breathtaking



mcdc3s said...

Haha... Well I totally fluffed this question. I thought it was pertaining to our own personal blog! So, my added response will now be... I am enjoying going to visit the blogs of those who are participating in this survey.

susanna said...

So many great new finds...I'm so glad that you introduced us to Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien. What a treat! I'm going to spend some time reading over his posts. He's also a Finder of Amazing Things, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the mention! I am speed reading to catch up with everyone on the list! :) I Love these sort of posts!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Van Gogh would have been deemed to have been working in a "professional manner."

Daughter of a "famous artist."

Anonymous said...

I found you through the website of Michelle Ward.

She's the one I visit daily. Ullabenulla is also someone I visit almost daily and yes , she's really a finder of beautiful things. I discoverd already amazing things thanks to her ( like the art made with the glue gun), but I also like the things she makes in her workshops in The Castle.

Someone you should also visit very often is Suziblue (
Thanks to Michelle Ward I discovered her site.

Her youTubevideo's are really inspiring to see and she has just a special way of presenting them. Maybe she's a bit weird, but I like her a lot...

I'm going to add your site to my bookmarks, so I can take a closer look....

Inge ( from Belgium)

Anonymous said...

Judy, thanks for mentioning Biblioddesey. I love text and art from the middle ages so I was completely entranced by this blog

Anonymous said...

Seth...this 7 questions 7 days you have going is too cool. I have been finding so many new and interesting sites from going through everybodys answers.

Chris said...

Oh, the answer to this one is the same as the answer to the first one!

I wonder if my answer will be the same for the next one? No, because Michelle is not on my studio table.