Monday, January 28, 2008

The Pulse: studio table


1. A pile of stencils all stuck together! I love to use commercially sold alphabets
layered with my own custom cut images.
2. A box that is a make-shift journaling kit, filled with mini stapler, gluesticks,
pens, stickers, stamps, scissors....
3. A huge bin containing about 30 small bottles of paint - funny to see there are
only about 6 colors in there.
4. Basket of things "to-do", seems nothing ever gets finished around here.
5. Stash of magazines, ready to be ripped up and cut for cool text treatments Michelle Ward

scissors, tape, scraps of images, my journal, my ipod
Teesha Moore

baby wipes (I am messy), Mod Podge for glue, Ipod, stencils, lots of paper scraps.
Patty Van Dorin

oooh..I've just tidied, I can actually see my table now! Let's see, I have my camera, my water bottle, doubled-sided tape, golden paints, and a storage container with rusty metal bits in it.

a pot of pencils, a pot of sable and synthetic paintbrushes, a bundle of letters and paperwork, a variety of paints and coloured pencils lying higgledy piggledy, some doodles and sketches
Gillian McMurray

1. a salt bust of Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff
2. the leather cover from a small book of accounts, inside which is the
handwritten date, "March 19th, 1895"
3. the bridge and strings from an old violin
4. the heavy steel body of a 1918 Wizard Pencil Sharpener (guts removed)
5. a 7" wheel, with decayed rubber tire, from what must have been an old baby
James Michael Starr

-Viva paper towels
-Assorted mark makers like pencil, crayons, etc
-Two buckets of water with soaking brushes
-Large plastic box with lid which holds open cups of paint
-Razor blades
Karen Jacobs

Tim Holtz scissors, Crop-a-dile, brand new Golden acrylics I bought for the up-coming DeMeng class, chipboard shapes, a jar of dirty water with paint brushes soaking in it from last week (ewwww!)

ink, self-healing mat, mica, copper wire, alpha-numeric metal punch set
Judy Wilkenfeld

golden fluid paints and mediums, sandpaper, collage material, t-square, paper palette
CW Slade

I don't have a dedicated table so I'll tell you what's on my studio floor. Two small notebooks, one for ideas and sketching and the other for documenting colors that I mix; a large basket for all my paints; a bevy of brushes and knives wrapped up in an old towel and a stack of artist books
Barbara Kleinhans

Scattered prisma colored pencils
An exacto knife
A rectangular gum eraser
My current project: "Study in Turquoise,"
and cut up images of it for a collage
Roxanne Evans Stout

ipod, cell phone, jar of paint brushes, epson matte coated paper, old picture frames to scan.
Jen Renninger

my iMac with Photobooth, decorative (flowers) tape, seeds from a sumac,
paisley stickers, vintage milk paint.
Sarah Fishburn

A cup of tea, 2008 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market book, tiny maroon buddha, brayer (ha!), photocopy of a drawing of a bear
Jessica Gonacha

An illustration I'm working on for a children's book author, several bottles of acrylic paint, several tubes of watercolor paint, horse reference pictures, paintbrushes
Jenny Archibald

ModgePodge, rusty wire, little triangular pieces cut out of printed soda cans, a stencil burner and: SHARPIES.
Lisa Hoffman

Heating palette for encaustics, encaustic medium, sewing machine, cheesecloth, string
Bridgette Guerzon Mills

fabric, polymer clay, Procion dyes, pasta machine, digital camera
Lisa Renner

a multitude of photographs for a project in the works, photographic oil paints (various colors), glue stick, gesso, a bag of new paints to experiment with.
Angela Cartwright

always on my table is my jar of paintbrushes but I think you mean projects and right now I'm in that in-between stage so I only have my last completed Art Challenge (which you can see on my website), a partially completed canvas that was shoved to the back of my list/mind during the Christmas onslaught, and a failed resin pour. Sorry. That's only 4 things
Jen Worden

several brushes, a gigantic acorn, 7 rulers, 20 pairs of scissors, a birds nest
Trudi Sissons

dip pen/ink, acrylics, random piles of ephemera,framed photos, coffee cup!
Stephanie McAtee

collage scraps, worn out and well-loved paint brushes, stabilo water soluable pencils, a pan full of cold encaustic medium and sumi ink
Judy Wise

Some new Dr. Ph. Martin “Hydrus” watercolor paints that I’m trying out, cat hair (from my naughty cat), polished beach stones from the Oregon Coast, pieces of cut-up credit cards, a heater.
David Castle

pots of brushes, pots of scissors, an unfinished handmade book, a 16x20 canvas awaiting completion, leftover pictures deom a photobook project
Marie Otero

chocolate chips, masking tape, photographs, graph paper, pencil
Linda Woods

circle punch, jar of water with a paint brush resting inside, rolling adhesive, pile of stamps, crayons
Ali Edwards

5 things on my studio table right now include...looking behind me...a hot plate, a hot shoe (small iron), brushes, a pot of beeswax and resin, and a new encaustic painting I'm currently working on
Susanna Gordon

1. A huge tray of assorted Caran d'Ache – everything! Pencils, crayons, soft and
hard pastels. I am spoiled with the product, rich color and quality.
2. A clay pot filled with my favorite paint brushes.
3. An Art Journal where I add techniques, color mixes, combinations, notes,
and other little things I want to remember from my art projects.
4. Krylon No. 1306 Workable Matte Fixative – my all time favorite.
5. A hair dryer for spot/quick drys.
Maralena Howard

I have two tables, one for jewellery and one for book art. The book art table has gel medium, golden paints, my hand carved stamps, paper napkins and bubble wrap and about a square foot to work in. My jewellery table has even less space.
Ro Bruhn

Paper, stencils, paints, finished/unfinished projects, piles of magazine tear-outs
Andrew Borloz

pva glue, an eyelet tool, 15 unfinished canvases, 2 unfinished artist books, a doll's rollerskate
not mass produced

The first five things I see when I squint at the table from here is cardboard, a stapler, paint brushes, gesso and my art journal
Roben-Marie Smith

piles of paper scraps, Caran d'Ache metallic wax pastels, several pairs of scissors, a spool of rusted wire that I found that is being saved for a future project, and book board



mcdc3s said...

I have been really looking forward to this post. What fun to see what everyone has on their desks.

Seth - I think you should make everyone take a picture... haha - to let the truth be known beyond the five. Mine could scare some people!

Did I mention how much I love reading this survey?

Chris said...

This is such great fun. I am a voyeur, so this series is magic, but this question is especially yummy.

Chris said...

Right now I have red felt scraps left from the circles I cut yesterday, a stack of books, a pile of white tissue paper left over from filling in a packing box, a compass, and a full water glass used when painting, but the water's not been used yet. Lots of loose paper toweling.

Teresa Abajo said...

Thank goodness Seth didn't get us to take a picture! I had a hard time picking 5 things on my desk, and anyone looking at the picture would have had a hard time spotting them! It would have been like a Where's Wally book!