Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Check Your Pulse!

It is time to check your pulse! As part of my blog, I organize an ongoing, online project that I call The Pulse. Its aim is to take a snapshot of the web-based, artistic community and to foster greater communication and connection among art lovers and the artists themselves. There are so many talented artists on the web, each with their own unique style and approach to art. With this project, their collective talents can be combined and shared with everyone.

The Pulse began in January 2008 with an Artist Survey that 35 artists participated in. In March 2008, 52 artists joined a game of Playing Favorites. I am now starting to prepare for the third edition of The Pulse. This will be another artist survey, a project I plan to continue to repeat twice yearly. This time, the participants will be asked to answer 7 questions in their own words and sometimes with their own images. Mixed media at its best. This looks to be a big project, as more artists have already signed on than had in the prior two editions.

I would love to have as many people participate as possible. If you are an artist with a blog or other website and would like to be included in this survey, please email me using the link in the upper right hand corner. I will send you the questions to answer and will also include a link to your site when the project is posted.

The Pulse goes live in August and will be posted over the course of several weeks. More specific dates will be provided soon. I hope that you will join in as a viewer, a participant, or, best of all, both!

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Jazz said...

Since I'm not an artist, I won't participate but I'm going to be stalking this event for sure...