Monday, November 10, 2008

Give me Moore

During my recent trip to New Mexico I had so many memorable art-related experiences. But none were quite like the double-header I had on Friday October 17. It will take two posts to cover this bounty.

In the morning, another impossibly sunny day, I drove out to see Kelly Moore at the flea market on the Tesuque reservation.

I had only recently discovered Kelly through this post on Lisa Hoffman's blog. As a relatively new lover of "raw" art, I felt like I had hit the jackpot. No cameras are allowed but the visit is etched in my memory.

Picture a group of outdoor stalls, all unpainted wood and white canvas coverings. Then picture, one booth. With a view of the snow-capped mountains. Painted red. Covered with newspaper clippings, altered photographs, magazine articles, handmade crows, bits and pieces of mud, clay, metal bits, paint drippings, and everything else. I knew I had found Kelly. He not only sells from the booth but he creates there as well. Even his paint brushes are works of art!

Meeting him was quite inspiring. He is one of a kind -- although he makes the good point that we are all one of a kind! His art comes from within. He seems to live it. Breathe it. And is generous in wanting to share it. I was fascinated by the experiences and stories that he shared.

Second only to visiting him is visiting his website. But be prepared to take a journey. Visit more than once and you may never end up on the same page twice.

Visit his blog and sign up here for his newsletter.

Thanks Kelly for the continued inspiration!


lynne h said...

seth, i remember the night that i found kelly moore's website. it was hours later when i surfaced. i went back and looked at everything multiple times! this is so cool that you met him and saw his art in person...

Anonymous said...

I'm in love...Kelly, Jesse ...this art really grabs me by the holds onto me.

Gillian McMurray said...

I took a look at his website and his colours are fantastic. Lots of nature themes which suits me fine :o)

Anonymous said...

Seth, just wanted to let you know that your Pulse zine arrived today, and I immediately started reading: it is fantastic!!
Thank you so much,

Regina, St. Maarten (DWI)

Chris said...

Don't you LOVE it when you get turned on to new art styles and new artists? I mean, 'new' to you. Something that so feeds the spirit but that you feel like is completely new and unique. The 'shock of the new'!

Lisa Hoffman is a vast font of knowledge. I think I am going to be her in my next life.

(Don't tell her.)

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow, what a fascinating artist you have shared. Amazing, I just had a chance to read part of Kellly's blog and love his writing, and his paintings are awesome. Seth, it sounds like your traveling was quite an artistic venture! Roxanne

Jen Crossley said...

Thanks Seth I will check out his blog

Jazz said...

Oh. My. God.

His stuff is awesome!!!

notmassproduced said...

wow brilliant - thanks for finding and sharing

&rew said...

I am glad that you posted the links - until now, I did not know about this artist.