Thursday, November 6, 2008

This & That

I had my first class with Danny Gregory this week. No drawing or journaling yet. Just an introduction. His approach to art really resonated with me. He spoke about the way we all draw as children...without judgement, without caring what the drawing looked like, and only drawing for oneself. For him, journaling is a gift you give yourself. A record of one's journey through life. He stressed the importance of developing a habit of drawing as an adult as a way to see the world in a different way. As a way to stay in the present moment. Beginning next week we will be drawing as a group in class and on our own for at least a few minutes everyday in between. I am eager to begin the process, having not sat down to sketch in many, many, many years. I did find this old drawing of mine, the only one I seem to have kept, and am posting it as a way to fully commit to this new venture.


I recently completed an ATC trade with Debra Tennison from n2theblue. The first 2 pictures below are the ATCs Debra sent to me and the last 2 are the ones I made and sent to her. Click to enlarge.


Thanks go out to Spot at Ink Haven for passing the I Love Your Blog award on to me. Spot writes the most imaginative, lyrical, and poetic prose on her blog. Her words always inspire such vivid images. Much appreciation!



what a great opportunity to take a class from D.Gregory!!! I hope you have a blast!!

Love your shoe drawing, and your two ATC's!!!

p.s. Finally did some more journal pages!

Lynn Cohen said...

I wonder how many of us draw our tennis shoes?
All the ATCs are great!
I can't wait to see more of what you learn in this class and pass on to us listening out here.
I like what you /he said today!
Yes, a journal of our own for ourselves (not blog it?) and to draw like a child without inner judgement. Possible? Humm?

laurel said...

Wonderful ATC's. I'm partial to the last one with the leaf.

Jazz said...

Lucky you. I'm a huge fan of Danny Gregory's. Unfortunately though, I can't draw to save my life... I wish I could.

Those ATC's are great by the way.

Karin Bartimole said...

Sounds like you're in for a rich and fulfilling experience. I was relatively recently turned onto David Gregory's work and have become a die hard fan! The simple honesty and clarity of his artwork and writing ring with universal beauty and truth. I look forward to seeing what you share from your time in his class!

Love the ATC's - so much depth, texture and beauty within the borders of these gems.

Karin Bartimole said...

oops - i meant Danny - duh...

.Trudi Sissons said...

Heh Seth,
I have to believe there is a string of consciousness that connects all artists together. Nick Bantock stressed the importance of drawing every day. So FINALLY, (two years later) I made the commitment to this important process. Today, I surf over for a visit to your site and I see this! Good luck with it. Also love the ATC bits you shared - how did you manage to add the white print on your collage so clearly?

Best of luck,

Gillian McMurray said...

That's a grand tennis shoe. You certainly have drawing skills loitering inside you just waiting to burst forth. Can't wait to see how things go.

Chris said...

Is it wrong to ask you to marry me?

I love that sketch of the ked. Or is it a van? What's fab is that it owns its shoe integrity. It's quintessentially shoe. I love those ATCs. If you refuse to marry me, I may ask Debra.

I'm off to catch up with the last few photos, as I didn't have time to enlarge them last time I was here. Or, to print them and frame and post them on my office wall and tell people I made them.

Your blog takes up a lot of my time, Seth.

lynne h said...

i will be watching, seth... this drawing thing has got my attention lately and i'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Seth,
I LOVE the background behind the leaf on your atc!!! I'd really like to know how you did that, or was it a paper you already had? And thanks for the link to Danny Gregory's site... oh my, if only I didn't have to go to work today! I'd sit and stare at his site forever! Lucky you to be taking classes with him! I know you'll have a great time and learn so much, on so many levels! Take care!

Leah said...

I particularly love the one with the brown leaf and the blueish background stripes. You're very talented.