Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Blog Brigade


Thanks to everybody who has joined me in providing Lori, formerly known as anonymous, with a replacement stash of art materials which had been lost in a fire one year ago. Four boxes have been sent to Lori. And I know a number of you sent packages to her directly as well.

In Lori's words, and I quote, "Just wanted to shoot you a quick THANKS & GOD BLESS YA'LL for the things that I received...You know I really had forgotten that feeling of ANTICIPATION and EXCITEMENT...W/Sincere Gratitude and Thanksgiving, Lori"

Thanks to the following people, who contributed items to Lori (if I have inadvertently left anybody out, please email and I will add you to the list):

Julie Prichard
Patty Szymkowicz
Shelly Sessions
Maj Carita
Lynne Hoppe
Sarah Fishburn
Beth Kelsey
Chris Miser
Sarah Wilde
Jacky Williams
Debbie Overton
Karen Cole
Gillian McMurray
Donna Joy
Kim Logan
Catherine Withrow
Sarah Harris
Suzan Buckner
Eb (whose beautifully wrapped gift sits on top of the pile in the picture above)


The Disintegration Collaboration is in full swing. 13 artists have joined and nature is creating as we speak. There is still time to be a part of this project. Create a paper bundle, any way you like. Place said bundle in nature. Post a "before" picture on your blog. Watch and Wait. It is that simple. Each artist will then reveal the result in an "after" picture posted on their own blog on May 1. The list of participating artists is on the sidebar of this blog. Click on the links to be taken directly to their project. They are all so creative and unique. Comment below or email me if you would like to participate and I will add your link to the list.



Gillian McMurray said...

Yeah! More Pulse! Can't wait to see the questions this time. The disintigration project seems to be coming along nicely. I should have started mine this week with all the snow we've had - the prefect addition to the project.

Lynn Cohen said...

How generous everyone was for Lori...I am happy for her.

I must get something wrapped and on the fence as we are expecting rain any day now! ;-)

Anonymous said...

re: disintegration project

what fun! please count me in ... I will wrap up my parcel today and get it out while it's frigid and snowy here! I have just the place in my garden where it will both get dripped on and blasted with sunshine!

I would love to be a part of Pulse IV too!


Unknown said...

can't wait to be involved again, last time was fab!!


Chris said...

Isn't life wonderful?

Anonymous said...

Alright....rain coming my way too...I'll have art hanging in the tree by tomorrow morning. Twist my arm......sheesh.

Corrine said...

Yup, this looks like too much fun to miss out on. I'll post about it in the next couple of days. THanks for the idea, it will be interesting to see what everyones results are like.

Anonymous said...

ok SETH!!!
my disintegration piece is blowing in the wind...
and now to do more
simply - this one intuitively danced into BEing...

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

I am so far behind but have something to contribute...would you please email me at svenskfru at so I can also contribute...Thanks again, Gina P.

Patti Sandham said...

What a cool idea, please count me in. I will try and get mine done this weekend. I read about it on Judy Wise's blog.

Chris said...

My bundle is out in the universe!

Well, in the world. Not really the world, but in the elements. Well, actually, it's suspended, so it's not really IN the elements as it is NEAR the elements.

Basically, my bundle is in the driveway. If you wanna see, go to my bloggie.

YAY for Seth!

Diane said...

Saw Deryn's posted today, and would also like to participate~
Will post this weekend to my blog!
Sounds like a very interesting project~~

Anonymous said...

Hallo Seth - I found you yesterday via Be...Dream...Play, and RedVelvet, and have today bundled and hung and photographed and posted on truly spacious.
Delight-full project, thank you for all the inspiration!

marianne said...

i came late to the disintegration project, but my starting pics are on my blog- look forward to seeing how things look in a few months...

Anonymous said...

Count me in. I'll put my project together this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if it's not too late I'd like to have a go, goodness knows I've got enough paper to make a zillion 'bundles'.

Unknown said...

Can't pass this up! I'll put somethings out to this weekend, rain expected here in the dry desert!

Susan McIntyre said...
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Susan McIntyre said...

I have put several bundles in a disintegrating tree sculpture that I have in front of my house. See them at at

Diane said...

Mine is now posted Seth!

Anonymous said...

I want to participate!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Hi I saw this on someone's blog who was participating sometime in the past few weeks, then realized I could participate. How fun! I have made up six bundles to be placed around my house. I am on the coast of North Carolina, it is sandy, lots of ocean breeze, the sun tends to bleach things, and moldy in the shade. Can't wait to see how they react. I have posted on my blog which is in my email. Thanks for letting me be a part of this.

Anonymous said...

I had been on vacation and just recently heard about this. What a great idea Seth

I put my bundles out and now in this fair weather place I want it to rain or snow:>)

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

I would love to join in....I have my paper ready and outdoors..just don't want any snow...we will see what salty air will do!

Anonymous said...

I love the natural aspect of this...I will try and do something in the next 24 hours, then come back and sign up...Thanks so much for your inspiration and support of the artistic community! Gina

fontainefleurie said...

Hi, a while ago I have read somewhere about a look-a-like project which had to be open on the first of April. Wasn't sure if this was a joke, but I decided to do as the post mentioned. Now there is a magazine outside which is there already for two months. I don't know anymore where I read the previous post, so I like to join this challenge now with this magazine and I shall make a page on my creative blog and showing the progress. Will that be ok?

2 Junkie Girls said...

Hi Seth!
Your disintegration project sounds fun as well as interesting, so please count me in as well. I'll be making up a bundle later this evening and will post it tomorrow.

Have a great week!

2 Junkie Girls said...

Here's my link Seth.

Ali said...

Hi there, I'd really like to be part of this, I'll get onto it 1st thing in the morning!

Debrina said...

Hi Seth - Done! I sent you an email but just in case...

Well, I don't know about everyone else but I felt a huge sense of spiritual connectedness when I hung up my bundle. It was also night when I did it and it felt kinda witchy...the fact that it came to represent also the birth of my son, the death of my best friend and the creativity and wisdom that comes from the place I hung it, really spoke to me.

Kerin said...

Oh wow I did it! Here is the link to my post with the bundle just made today. This is truly exciting and inspirational Seth!! Words escape me right now about how huge this was for me to just let go and put something out there with the *intention* of it not lasting in this environment.

Thanks much and I'll email you the link also!


Mescrap said...

I wish to join the DisCo project. However I'm too late for it.
Already get my bundles hang to the fence. Will post it to my blog.

I wonder what will my bundle turn out to be.

Lay Hoon