Wednesday, May 12, 2010

True Colors - Lisa Hoffman/Judi Riesch

Lisa Hoffman
Forest Floor

T   R   U   E        C   O   L   O   R   S

The first project of it's kind, and the World of Visual Journaling was never to be the same.

Rare opportunity to participate in a beautifully organized and smoothly run project.

Up to that point, most of the artists were unacquainted. We completed this "event" with life-long friendships.

Even now, we all receive mail from fans the World over. Our intention was to have fun and inspire. Mission accomplished.

Continued requests for the very large body of work that compiles THE UNPUBLISHED PAGES. Will the publisher respond? Send letters to Stampington!

On the first of the month, we would start to visualize and plan our pages for the next, incoming book.

Lots of sighs and swooning by email as the books arrived each month and we built our pages and our friendships.

Ongoing gratitude to Lynne Perrella for her brilliant idea, Michelle Ward for her Mad Organizational Skills and Stampington for taking the publishing plunge.

Ready to re-group and do TRUE COLORS TWO. Is the World ready?

So long to Linn Jacobs. Her passing left a significant void in this Beautiful and Rare group. We Love and miss you, Sweet, Sweet Lady.


Judi Riesch

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing. Marc Chagall

Spring 2001..........from the day this project began, till the finished journals arrived home again in the fall of 2002, it became clear to me that TRUE COLORS had a heart......a live, beating heart that was the true center of this amazing collaboration. Through frequent emails we plotted, planned, researched, and explored as each book came our way. Remembering my thoughts in the TRUE COLORS book, "Each book's arrival was truly an event. Occasionally I would tear open the box before the postman drove away, but more often than not I would wait until later, using the unveiling as a treat or incentive to stay on task during the day. With coffee or wine in hand, I would savor each and every detail of the journals."

Working in my colleagues books never felt like a job to complete. Adding to the book became a unique challenge for each of us to listen to the heart and soul of the work that came before us. Entries were a labor of love planned and executed with enthusiasm and authenticity, using details personalized for each participant and their "chosen" color. The focus was on freely creating....................publication was never discussed till near the conclusion of the collaboration.

As the project grew over the months, it's heart grew as well. It spilled over with lessons learned, fresh ideas, new friendships and a deepened respect between 14 artists who became a part of this living, breathing project. This "heart" still beats today in each of the women who shared a piece of themselves in this collaboration, and of course in the TRUE COLORS book that tells their heartfelt story.


Jill Zaheer said...

Another amazing post from the words of Lisa and Judi. Love the photos- they are fantastic- and the words of heart, authenticity, collaboration and genuine love for the creation of pages in each others' books just permeates your post. Unpublished pages? What a gift to all to see them published!! That would really be "TRUE" colors from the artists complete books of their works. This is such an ingenious series of posts on this book- just love hearing from each artist- learning more about them- and reading about both their thoughts and reflections from the original creation of the book and what they have to say about the book now. Perhaps in addition to the change of art as we now know it, the most treasured part of learning about the book is the bond of friendship that was created in the process of the original book collaboration- the concept of "art binds and forms bonds".

sf said...

yeah, Stampington? Ya hear?

Bea said...

You would think it would be a no brainer to publish another book with more pictures from these wonderful journals. Certainly the sales from the first book should have told the publishers that a second would be most successful. :)Bea

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Billboard Seth!
What an honor to be posted with Judi Riesch, the artist that has defined one of the strongest visual styles in mixed media and journaling.
I wonder if people noticed that the first letter in all of my submissions spells out T-R-U-E- C-O-L-O-R-S?
Can't wait to see more, more MORE...

Chris said...

Ready for the 2nd volume!! I will write to Stampington, fer sher. I am sorry about Linn. I didn't know.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I would love to see a second volume materialize ...those pages just laying around seems like a a waste of talent and productivity...let us all put this out to the Universe and see what happens. Thanks once again, Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Judy said...

This was sensational!
Great seeing Judi on-line (ya hear that Judi)You must be pretty special Seth. Always love read Lisa's commentary too. I so agree with SF's comment!

alicia said...

another fantastic post! i LOVE all of those gorgeous photos. i just bought the first book and am already ready for two.

michelle ward said...

Oh my, two of my best buds in one post. I am grateful to Lynne and this project for introducing me to Lisa. And Judi is right, this project had a heart. It became its own thing which is why the publication holds such meaning and magic for us.

Anonymous said...

I have read every one of these posts, Seth,

and the love shines still,

the project was groundbreaking and helped shape the definition of what we all know today.
There is definitely room in the world for a TRUE COLORS 2.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I loved these colors in particular, and am so grateful to have been influenced by these artists! Thanks Seth.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Cool that each artist chose a color. A heartfelt journey indeed!