Sunday, October 17, 2010

StudioScapes: Chapter 6

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Pulse -- The State of the Art -- a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. Nearly 150 artists have answered a list of questions which make up The Pulse. Their responses will be presented as a series of online and print projects. Links to the first two projects, Secret Sunday and The Book Guild, can be found on the sidebar of my blog.

StudioScapes is the third project and Chapter 6 starts right now! All artists participating in The Pulse were asked to submit a photograph of a favorite art-related vignette from their home or studio.

One of the art vignettes in my house is a small old glass cabinet: on the shelves you see some of my handmade books which I made completely myself and on the shelf underneath some pigment powders I use to create for example backgrounds.


The oak drawers are actually an old apothecary cabinet, refinished and turned sideways.  It was used to store little bottles of chemicals; the drawers were vertical and had little shelves inside where the bottles sat.


A table top still life of some vampire themed items that I have on display in my home.


My studio.


A photo of Sophia my art mannikin. I dress her for holidays and seasons. I hope to ultimately collage her but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.



My whole studio is basically a collection of vignettes that cover all my wall space. Looking at my collections gives me inspiration and lately I have been using the collections in my art work.



On my worktable...a collection of painted papers and vintage photos.


My studio.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time in London. Thanks for this post, which once again shows how different personalities design, use, and organize their spaces.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Loving the variety of spaces, funnily enough I decided to have a major sort out in my craft room this weekend. One of those jobs you wish you'd never started. :0)

Bea said...

You know I NEVER get tired of seeing where artists work. I love to peek at their worktables, their books, where they have their inspiration and what kind of brushes they like. Thanks again for posting this, Seth. :)BEA

fairyrocks said...

So wonderful of artists to share, I feel like you are letting me into your very personal private space. Lovely

Lisa said...

it's interesting to see so many different representations of workspaces and what folks choose to share.

Lynn Cohen said...

Fun to see how other artists live!

Jen Crossley said...

I Love seeing where people create I get jealous as I have no studio so I dribble on the computer screen sad eh

Ro Bruhn said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time Seth, the V and A is well worth a visit. Thanks for showing my studio photo, it's had it's annual re-arrangement again so there have been a few minor changes since that photo.

xxx said...

thanks for sharing these fun and inspiring spaces.

Gaby Bee said...

It's interesting to see how other artists live!

LensVerse said...

I really like this series. Makes me wanna rethink my workspace, which right now maybe speaks too much of "work" and less of "art".

Jill Zaheer said...

I'm always mesmerized by the picture each artist has submitted. Just love to keep looking at them, go through all of the photos and writings, and then take another look to see all that I have missed!
Another super post that's greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

oooh, i lovelovelove these!! i bet you can tell which my favorite is, too. :)

i hope your flight safe and that you're having the time of your life!! can't wait to see all of your amazing fun, photos and art!

Tricia said...

wow!!!! i have enjoyed my visit to your blog so much! thank you for such wonderfulness!