Sunday, October 24, 2010

StudioScapes: Chapter 7

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Pulse -- The State of the Art -- a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. Nearly 150 artists have answered a list of questions which make up The Pulse. Their responses will be presented as a series of online and print projects. Links to the first two projects, Secret Sunday and The Book Guild, can be found on the sidebar of my blog.

StudioScapes is the third project and Chapter 7 starts right now! All artists participating in The Pulse were asked to submit a photograph of a favorite art-related vignette from their home or studio.

Corner displays dresses by ruth rae, i LOVE her work; roy's canvas piece he did for me for a mother's day gift years and years ago; small doll by cathy culllis; and on the mirror, cathy cullis embroidery pieces.



My messy work table.


This is part of my studio cave in the basement with papel picado to brighten things up!


My garage and it's collection of bits of junk and old doors.



Inspiration board.




My easel area, in the mess that I left it last night. The 3 paintings on the easel are waiting to be signed; I keep changing the arrangement of toy blocks, looking for the right way to paint them.


layers said...

Thanks for another group of creative clutter and inspiration - glimpses into other studios is so affirming.

Marit said...

Early Sundaymorning in the Netherlands and there's no better way than to start with a cup of coffee and some major inspiration!!! Enjoy your Sunday too!!! (Still in England/Prague Seth? Have a happy day!)

ArtPropelled said...

Early Sunday morning in South Africa, sipping my first cup of coffee while browsing through the latest StudioScapes. I'm keeping great company today. Thanks Seth.

Debrina said...

Lovely to see all these too. I can definitely identify with the one that has the must clean/tidy sign on it!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

It is so inspirational knowing there are creatives spots like these all over the world ... now I have to go and make something... Thanks!!

Lisa said...

Great spaces..all so different and unique. Sharing these spaces gives an interesting glimpse into others creative processes and what motivates them.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

So nice to see some spaces that were not cleaned and carefully arranged for the camera! I so enjoy seeing that other artists also have *creative clutter* and that not everyone has a slick, new, expensive studio--easily mistaken for a living room.... ;)
I guess I love the debris of making art.


Commuter's Journal said...

I love seeing these art spaces but would love to know what others do who don't have enough room for a dedicated art space nor money for some sort of hideaway unit.

Lynn Cohen said...

I too enjoy looking at others creative "messy" spaces where they create/work. I also liked seeing an artists work I recognized (Ruth Rae)in another's workspace! Such a compliment to Ruth.
Thanks, I watched while chopping on a Granny Smith apple and spoons of peanut butter for lunch in rainy California!

elle said...

I'm appreciating this, Seth. Thanks to you and the contributers.

Artsnark said...

fun variety

Leovi said...

It has a very interesting blog, I like.

Bill said...

Ah, Ange. That's what a studio is suppose to look like!

mansuetude said...

Its nice to know a little messy here and there is good to go.

Anonymous said...

Once again...some great spaces! I want to come play in Ange's garage!!!

LensVerse said...

Ah! I love those little places, crammed with all sorts of crafty items, where one could rummage for hours.

Anonymous said...



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Jill Zaheer said...

Another super StudioScapes post! Just love the variation between the vignettes and studio spaces- with such unique qualities of everyone's special displays! Thanks for all those that are participating and for you Seth- for the time and organization in continuing to put this all together!!

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Seth, this is a great collection of studio spaces and inspiration- I feel so at home here, especially in the messy ones! roxanne

shirley Ende-Saxe said...

Oh dear. It is sooooo uplifting to see that mine is not the messiest here and sooooo amazing to see how organized some of the spaces are. Artists are truly a variously organized lot! Thanks for the peek into other artists' worlds!