Friday, July 29, 2011


What is 6x6?

6x6 is the answer to the question : "What if there were no more art galleries?" How would artists promote and sell their work if they completely removed the traditional commercial gallery route from the equation. What if self-produced, indie events were considered the norm instead of the alternative? 6x6 is a blueprint for this.

Running from September 8 to October 20, 6x6 will present six, back-to-back, one week only art exhibitions in New York City. And they will be throwing in a host of interactive, learn-by-doing workshops and programs for artists,  art buyers, and creative entrepreneurs.

At the end of 6x6, the video footage, podcasts, and workshop notes will be made into an affordable, easily accessible, step-by-step DIY "How-To" Guide that teaches independent artists how they can plan and recreate their own version of 6x6 in their own art communities.

Planned events include: Four "Friday Art Date" dinners where a gallery space is transformed into a fun, cozy restaurant for the exhibiting artists and 15-20 art lovers; A two part workshop series focusing on Effective Web Design + Branding and Social Media for Creatives; A Web Work Marathon where attendees will bring their laptop and some images and copy, and leave with a new art website; An art world themed scavenger hunt throughout the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC; and a cooking class taught by Los Angeles-based  Executive chef Maite Gomez-rejoin.

6x6 has been developed by Kesha Bruce and Charlie Grosso, who together have created the unconventional gallery Baang + Burne Contemporary. Click here for more information about 6x6 and here to see a list of other bloggers participating in the blog tour.


Gillian McMurray said...

Now, THIS is a worthwhile project. It's about time that small indie style events were more common. The art world needs a bit of shaking up to let the unknown yet talented artists have their chance too.

lyle baxter said...

oh, to be close by for that! sounds fantastic! let us know how it goes!

Jo Murray said...

Great project, and very pertinent when galleries are closing all over the place. Looks like New York is the place to be... if only....

Laura said...

Seth this as come in at a timely fashion...our Midwest Collage Society will be having a show in Novemeber/December and we will be having a wall with smaller works...everyone want's to sell and just by watching this it's inspired me...and I remember reading in Rex Ray's book about him setting up shop in a friends salon/barbar cool..thanks for sharing it...cause it just might get down to of what if there weren't any more galleries...Artist are still going to make their art and People still like to have bridge that gap with out adding the extra's..

Lynn Cohen said...

Why are art galleries closing? Can't pay the rent? Not selling enough? The economy?
This is very interesting. I like the date night/dinner idea.
I can imagine this expanded in many more ways. I also like the idea of more artists being shown that might not "get into" the larger more known galleries.
I will look forward to hearing more about it.

Anonymous said...

While I suppose there's still a place/need for the traditional art galleries...the world is changing...and "art" is being sought after by more than just the well-heeled collectors. Indies (and the internet) make it possible for more art and artists to been seen...something the traditional galleries should be paying attention to!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful project. Should be more of this kind of thing.

Kesha Bruce said...

Seth-- Thanks for having me on your blog. Always a pleasure!

I'm happy to announce that 6x6 is set to reach it's $10,000 kickstarter goal today!

Very exciting!

We have so much amazing programming set-up and so much great work we can't wait to show.

I better see some of you NYC area folks at the exhibitions or events.

(That means YOU Seth!)

Come have dinner with me on September 16th!