Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fully Precious Salvage

Welcome to my blog hop. Everyday from April 2nd through April 12th I will link to a different blog as part of my celebration of the release of my book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed. There will be book reviews, personal thoughts, and giveaways. And every blogger along the way will become part of the book, as they will also post their own responses to their choice of survey questions from the book. You too can be part of The Pulse by responding to my open call for art!

And on each day of the blog hop, I will also be sharing something extra. And today is an extra you will not want to pass by!

Day 2: Stephanie Lee, co-author with Judy Wise of Plaster Studio: Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving, takes on The Pulse of Mixed Media today. Head on over to her blog Semiprecious Salvage and see what she has to say about the book and read how she answered some of the book's survey questions such as "What do you think your preferred art medium says about your personality?" And while you are there, stay awhile and spend some time with this special person and talented artist.


Artist Leslie Rosenberg, a contributor to the book, has come up with a unique use of Pinterest. She has created a board to highlight her favorite artworks from the sites of select artists from the book. I love the choices she has made for such contributing artists as Jo Archer, Eric Adama, Patricia Anders, and Juana Almaguer. Bookmark this page or follow her on Pinterest, as she will be adding more art to this board soon.


GalleryJuana said...

Hi Seth,

Leslie's pin idea is a great way to see the links and how fun to see my name.

You've done an amazing job with this book and connecting so many artists and resources. Thank you!

I hope to be there for your book signing in Washington.


JonesMoore Studio Art, Lisa JonesMoore said...

Hi Seth! I have finally received my new books (The Pulse of Mixed Media) and I cannot put it down.
I have posted about this on my blog
at www.jonesmoore.blogspot.com

Wonderful job, a lovely book!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am off to visit both Stephanie Lee and Leslie Rosenberg. I have avoided Pinterest because I understand it is a real time killer. But I will visit her board, anyway, since there are lots of artists there whose work I share and love.

Unknown said...

Pinterest is so fun. I am definately going to follow...*smiles* Norma

Jo Murray said...

Have had a lovely time visiting both this morning. It's all so inspiring.

Robert said...

Stephanie's blog post was a delight! I really loved her answer to the question from the book about What your chosen art medium says about your personality: the concept that, when working with plaster and metal, as she does, there is a definite balance, "between the ideas coming (or not coming), and the readiness of the medium." I think that this is something that any artist whose chosen medium involves a time intensive 'process' knows to be true.

Stephanie said...

I enjoyed seeing karen`s photos of the panel discussion! Off to stephanie lee`s now...

lizzie said...

Stephanie Lee is an amazing artist and an amazing person. I love this book, I love her blog and I need to get her other books as well.
I also can't wait to get a copy of your book Seth, I love your bolg as well.

Unknown said...

I'm excited to be included in the book and in this blog, Seth.

Thanks to the others who commented about my Pinterest board. I am going alphabetically through the 100 Artists listing and will keep posting! It's been fun visiting all these sites and "getting to know" those artists who weren't previously on my radar. A huge thanks to Seth for bringing together this wonderful art community.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Stepanie and Judy Wise did one of my favorite books on plaster.... Stephanie's blog posts are charming..love her thinking process.