Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Featuring: The Gift

There is a new kid in town. Born on April 20th, it is 75 pages long, and measures 8 1/4" x 11 3/4". It is the new magazine Featuring: Art Journaling, Mixed Media & More... and you can watch the birth here or preview the pages here. Featuring is a dream come true for Marit Barentsen, the artist and blogger from the Netherlands who has put together a gorgeous, informative, and inspiring Issue #1.

The physical quality of this magazine (large size, glossy pages, professional layout) is special and it is filled with fascinating features, including a themed art gallery, the results of a survey about Etsy, artist and museum profiles, artist interviews, drawing and journaling techniques, a studio tour, and so much more. You can learn more about and purchase Featuring here. And learn how you can submit to Issue #2 here.

I am also happy to report that an altered book collaboration that I completed with Jill Zaheer can also be found on the pages of this inaugural issue. Called The Gift, Jill and I collaborated to create two books, each of which was filled with art that was inspired by original poetry.

Poetry by Seth Apter/Art by Jill Zaheer

The Gifts

Horizon's edge just out of reach
a lesson learned, a thought unleashed
these are the gifts placed here for us
these are the times we've both come to trust

Objects found and sometimes lost
our souls defined but at such a cost
these are the gifts, they appear, they arrive
this is the engine that keeps us alive

Training wheels, sometimes attached
making deals when ideas are hatched
such are the gifts that we have deep inside
ready to give, though tempted to hide
with generous hues, the depth we confide
thank you for coming along for the ride


deb said...

Awesome love that the good news keeps on coming for you and the wonderful jill too

Adriann said...

Beautiful collaboration!

Brian Kasstle said...

Love to see another AJ magazine! Your page is very Monet inspired! Lovely!

ooglebloops said...

Love the poem, and the peek into your journal!! Looks like a magazine I will have to look for!

Lynn Cohen said...

He's a poet, I didn't know it!

Both the magazine and the book collab. look great Seth. Thanks for sharing both with us.

Maureen said...

You didn't mention when you were visiting that you were a poet. Lovely collaboration!

Marit said...

We are honoured to have this large interview ánd work of you and Jill in our debute issue! Thanks so much Seth!

Jill Zaheer said...

Marit's new art magazine FEATURING is such a wonderful, and inspiring endeavor- a birth deserving of a grand celebration- much like our collaboration,Seth - The Gift! It was such an innovative and unique process- to create artwork inspired by each other's original poetry. This was truly a gift for me! Very special thanks!

Jo Murray said...

You are a man of many talents Seth. Congratulations on Con Leche and Featuring. Busy, busy, busy. The collaborative book looks awesome!

Robert said...

Nice to know about "Featuring," and loved what I was able to see of your and Jill's collaborative altered book poetry/art endeavor that is included in this first issue. Looks like there are lots of opportunities to submit work to this new magazine, including each issue's 'theme gallery': 'The Road Ahead,' Hmmm!!!

eb said...

you are a gift
and a gifted one I might add
such a pleasure
lunching and laughing
round that round table
friendship encircling
all around...

xox - eb.

Wen said...

The beauty of poetry is soulful but when 2 or more share this together it becomes more than the sum of it's parts. Add journaling and art and wham!
PS- I wrote this on Jill's blog too.

Bill said...

It is so expensive having you as a friend! I ordered the magazine, because I love your poem. With the advent of death coming closer for both of my parents, perhaps within days for my mother, this may be the time for me to write some serious verse.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Ordered the Fearturing magazine. And another congrats on the publication with Jill in this mag.Pretty cool to be in hte premiere issue.

steen said...

Thanks for telling us about the new Feature publication. It is such a treasure to have you and Jill together in a contribution. Your poem is thoughtful and places the gifts in life in the right perspective. In the musical play with Jill´s horizons it all sparkles like a diamond!