Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mixed Media May

Mixed Media May

Artist and blogger Cindy Jones Lantier has put together a wonderful project called Mixed Media May. She is highlighting a single artist on each day of the month. Each artist has provided responses to the same series of questions and shared images of their artwork. There are 30 artists participating and Cindy has promised a special surprise for May 31st!

She has chosen a very eclectic group of artists, many of whom are new to me. It has been great fun "meeting" these new artists...and getting to know some old friends better. I am one of the featured artists and today is my day. You can see my interview here and keep track of all the postings by following MMM on Facebook.


Lynn Cohen said...

Seth I went to her blog but I cannot find the interview with you. I do not see your name on the list on her side bar! The interviews do not just show up on the blog page, but if I click on a name I see an interview, but where is YOURS???

Jo Murray said...

Enjoyed learning more about you Seth... you're unstoppable.

elle said...

Got ya Seth. It is a really fine feature!

Lynn Cohen said...

Finally! Love the art that seems so different than what I am used to seeing of yours. The things that tie up, look stitched, cloth, really are quite versatile. I like all of these!
Fun to find you popping up in all these new places too. ;-)