Sunday, November 11, 2012

5x5: Chapter 2

I may be the author of The Pulse of Mixed Media but the true, creative force behind my book is the group of artists who generously shared their secrets and passions and, of course, their art. It was important to me that this book be representative of our entire artistic community, but the total number of contributors I could include was limited by the number of pages in the book. Not wanting to be contained by page numbers, I decided that the Internet was the perfect vehicle to extend the book and be able to include more of the community. With this in mind, the 5x5 Pulse Project was born.

The Pulse of Mixed Media presented the results of a survey in which contributing artists were asked questions that they had to answer with words or provided with prompts that they had to respond to by creating art. These ideas were combined in the 5x5 Pulse Project. I put out an open call for artists to submit artwork created in response to one or more of the following questions that were part of the original book:

1. If your artwork could talk, what would it say?

2. Who has had the most impact on your creative life?

3. What is one thing you have never shared with the creative community?

Submitting artists could chose 1, 2, or all 3 of the questions and respond to each by creating artwork in any medium in the form of a 5" x 5" square. They were asked to include words as a part of their artwork as well. There was a tremendous response to this call and I will be posting each submission every Sunday throughout the months of November and December. 

The 5x5 project is also being featured in a ten-page spread in the November/December 2012 issue of Somerset Studio, now available in stores and online here.

If your artwork could talk, what would it say?

William J. Charlebois
"Art survives all space and time to speak of joy divine."

Audrey Fish Pfeifer
"It would convey to the viewer the joy I feel when I am making art - my soul soars! Being a caregiver leaves me little time to myself. Art is my passion and I cherish those moments when I can escape into my studio and create."

Linda Sagastume
"It's a love affair."

Barbara Bytwerk
"Whatever I do in word or deed, I do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God by Him."

Lin Collette
"My life has been one big invention."

David Hayes
"Life...a grand adventure."

Chris Fondi

Paula Bogdan
"I have a story to tell you and the words are as important to me as the art is. My art would whisper this woman is on overload. Beware it would point out that I'm a lover of color and texture and that smearing paint cures all of life's woes."
What is one thing you have never shared with the creative community?
Carol Henley
"I Need You."

Jo Murray
"I am an open book. I wear my heart on my sleeve. All those cliches apply to me. No secrets here. Despite my professing to be an open book, it seems my work belies that statement. Slightly unsettling angles, an allusion to eyes and windows, a cage-like texture, a gloomy palette...all appear to evoke hidden messages. Perhaps my work speaks more truthfully than I?"

Erika Husselmann

Teri Mahl
"Sometimes I feel as if I'm drowning in an ocean of pitch. And that people who you thought you could trust, end up turning on you when you least expect it. But truth always wins out and I am always going to land on my feet."

Jane Royal
"There are techniques I am longing to try, yet my paying working usually takes up my whole day so I save the longing for retirement when I hope to have time for more of my own projects."

Erin Perry
"I was in an abusive marriage for twenty-eight years, which ended six years ago. Not surprisingly, it was also six years ago that I discovered my love of mixed-media art and began creating. As each year goes by and I feel safer and happier, my artistic life grows and becomes more prolific."
The next edition of 5x5 will be posted on Sunday, November 18th.


Raylee said...

sometimes being an artist can be a solitary thing.
now that i have read these insights i can identify with some of them & realize we all have similar thoughts & doubts concerning our art.
i am really enjoying this collaboration, thanks seth.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Amazing pieces, so many great truths through the beauty of art.

Unknown said...

Very inspiring, frank and heartfelt. Thank you for spearheading this project.

Jill Zaheer said...

Love this chapter of 5x5s. Each is so unique, heartfelt and touching. What a terrific extension to your book!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic group of artists to be included with...congrats to everyone for your marvelous work!! And thank you, Seth for giving us a place to be! You are the greatest!!

Teri said...

Thank you Seth, for inspiring all of us to take the chance with our art...with ourselves. Sometimes it is just the push we need to feel like we have a voice. I am so flattered to be in the company of all these great artists and also with you. You are inspiring!

donna joy said...

And yet again, we see how much we all have in common~

Bill said...

Thank you for sharing our art in this amazing vehicle! It is always such a fun adventure to see other people's work and responses to the same questions. I love having you as an artist friend!

jgr said...

Seth, Thank you for sharing these great pieces!! I'm so happy to be included.

Unknown said...

These words make my heart soar today. This art lifts me up...
Bless, Norma, x

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for showing my piece this week. I really am proud to be part of this group

Jen Crossley said...

beautiful work beautiful artist thank you for sharing

cHim-prints said...

I agree with everyone that it is interesting to read/see the variety of answers brought out by three seemingly simple questions. Amazing how an honest answer to such questions requires such soul-searching.
Thanks Seth! Fun to be a part of the group.

audrey said...

Seth, I am honored to be a part of your 5x5 Project. Thank you for the opportunity and for posting my piece. Each 5x5 work of art is wonderful and how very interesting to read the words as well as see the answers depicted in the art.
Seth, I am joyful that one lucky day I was drawn to The Altered Page!

Saranne Valentine said...

This is so awesome! Love he stories!

Janine Whitling said...

we may have different experiences ad make different choices yet what is so evident is that the path is the same and so we have so much more in common than we realise. Well done all you artists for being brave.

bohemiannie! art said...

beautiful thoughts and art here...

M said...

This was really inspiring. I feel like I just visited a virtual gallery for a show! Bring on the wine and cheese, please!

Ella said...

These area wonderful, so insightful! I am shaking my head, as I read the artist's words! The level of their voices is so in tune with my thoughts~
Thank you Seth...this is an amazing journey to be part of~ :D

So much talent, I'm amazed~

Jo Murray said...

Delighted to be part of such a creative group of people. Thanks Seth.

Parabolic Muse said...

I'm late looking at my fave blogs, and I am LOVING your 5 x 5 series! Such beautiful things!