Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Point Taken

In 2010 a series of survey questions were posted on my blog as a means of ‘taking the pulse’ of the online art community. More than 40 questions were posed and the results of the survey were presented as sidebars in my book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed. The survey tapped into a range of issues, both practical and psychological, related to being an artist today.

In Pulse Points, my newest series continuing today on Create Mixed Media, select survey questions from the book were presented to several different groups of artists working in mixed media and beyond. 

Today's questions and original survey results from The Pulse of Mixed Media:

How do you feel if you don't tap into your creative ability regularly?
Doesn't affect me at all...3%
N/A - I always tap into my creativity...12%

Do you think of art as therapeutic?
Yes, art is my form of therapy…45%
Sometimes art can be therapeutic for me…49%
No, art is just art…6%

And a taste of what our panel members had to say:

Jill K. Berry: "If I go days without being in my studio I feel like I am neglecting one of my senses."

Carla Sonheim: "When feeling good, expressing myself creatively is where I go first." 

Sue Bleiweiss: "Tapping into my creative energy is just as important to my well being as eating and sleeping."

Quinn McDonald: "Creativity is the sharpened point of the pencil, rather than the eraser."

Christine Mason Miller: "I have used art to process, work through and express all kinds of emotions, struggles and issues in my life."

Head on over to Create Mixed Media to hear much more of what the panel has to say about these issues. You can also read the first two posts in the series if you missed them. And if you would like, please share your own thoughts in the comment sections here or at CMM.


Patti Edmon Artist said...

I'm not a rock star but I just published a post about the inner-workings of process, sometimes messy and delayed but always creative.
I'll head over there now!

Bill said...

Creating art is my only therapy! That and when people reply to posts on my blog. Even if my art isn't great, it's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

The Creative Beast said...

Excellent questions posed on the blog today - I'll be sure to check out CMM to see the full posts and the previous ones too!

layers said...

As someone who has struggled this year with health issues and getting into my studio it was heartwarming to find out that others have the same sort of feelings I have.

Parabolic Muse said...

Jill Berry is SO right.

I love how you always share the wisdom of our community and the people I cannot speak with myself!