Sunday, January 20, 2013

Tell All: Chapter 3

Welcome to the 5th edition of The Pulse -- The State of the Art -- a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. The Pulse is a collaborative project that aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. More than 130 artists have answered a series of questions which make up The Pulse. Their responses will be presented in a series of online posts which will run every Sunday.

Style File, Techniques & Tools, Master Class, It's Still Life, and Playing Favorites were the first five projects posted and links to all these posts can be found on the sidebar of my blog. The final project from The Pulse #5, Tell All, continues now...

Participants were asked: what is the one thing that you know now that you would have liked to have known when you first started to create art? 

Color Management. It took me a long time to get my paint colors under control. I had a much easier time with composition as it came more naturally to me for some reason. But I have studied color for years and wasted goodness knows how much paint because of my lack of knowledge. Mary Beth Shaw

How to oil paint. I feel that I spent many years doing mixed media when I could have been beginning to learn oil painting. I was searching for something in the art world, and didn't know it was oils I was looking for. Laura A. Pace

That I'm Red/Green color "challenged". I have to have my spouse help me with color choices, because although I can see the various values, I don't see the true colors. Dave Dube

How to use the computer (which at that time was the size of a refrigerator, used punch cards, could only plot points, and had no color). Dorothy Simpson Krause

All about inks and ink pads and colour fastness - which pen/ink is good for what. I still haven't discovered one that will write over Caran d'Ache Neocolour IIs. Keron Lee

I would have loved to have had a good working knowledge of tools, mediums and materials in the beginning. Art by Canace

All about transfers. There are so many ways to use them and there are so many techniques to create different feelings and moods. They can be as clear as you want or dreamy and not quite perfect. Darlene AkA HugGeR Wilkinson

Carry a camera everywhere to take quick inspirational shots. Eileen Bellomo

Composition. When I first started making art, I had no idea how to stick collage fodder onto a page without making a mess. It was all haphazard with no direction or focus. Bleubeard and Elizabeth

How to paint, how to draw. Unfortunately I did not have the benefit of any formal art training so acquiring the skills to do much of this has been a slow process. I thank heaven for my camera and computer though. They help me "see" things that I could not paint or draw nearly as well otherwise. Marie Otero


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Cherie said...

If only I'd known I had artistic ability and I'd been creating all my life in so many ways that were regarded as every day tasks. My entire working life was about creating atmosphere, food, drinks, ambience, writing, fashion, decisions, finance, styling, collecting, making something out of nothing ... I was serving my apprenticeship for creating art!

Roberta Warshaw said...

I still wish I could have gone to art school. My parents wouldn't let me and I have always regretted it.

Jo Murray said...

There is so much to learn that it would be impossible to learn it all at once....and boring. The quest for new knowledge and skills is never over. That's what keeps me going.

Kathryn Dyche said...

I wish I'd realized how fun creating was and that fear is just an excuse. The true learning comes from getting messy and making mistakes.

Brian Kasstle said...

I would love to know more about color.

Brian Kasstle

Vonnie's Bittersweet Art Studio said...

cherie, you said exactly what I feel. I wish I had known this world was out there for me when I was younger. Well I'm not, never the less, I will continue doing my art work without regret, as everyday is a day I consider myself an ARTIST.

MrCachet said...

Thanks for including me, Seth. And thanks for the efforts you put forth for all of us in the ARTblogosphere.
I'm tapping everybody today, but I sure wish I could have pointed folks in your direction (a permanent link in my sidebar, however) with a post of my own.

Unknown said...

It has taken me a while ..ok years to be confident enough to sing my own song.. Roberta.. its never to late!!

Jenny said...

I like to think that I have learned what I needed to learn when I was ready to learn it. This attitude helps me to live without regret and anticipate the gifts of knowledge as they come.