Monday, October 13, 2014

Art is.....

Art is...

I spent the last four days at the Art is You retreat in Stamford, Connecticut. This is an event that serves up energy and creativity in spades every single year. And 2014 was no exception. I encourage every artist out there to experience a retreat but I realize that not everybody can. Thanks to the Internet, I can bring a bit of the retreat to you!

Salliane McClelland and Ellen Legare make it all happen. Here they are wearing just a few of the items that the attendees from all the 2014 AIY retreats have made and brought to share.

Every day starts out with a different event called the Morning Motivator.

Of course the art workshops are a big part of the retreat. This year I taught one class called iWitness to a very talented, creative and fun group of people.

Here are some of the books and pages that they created.

There is also a vending event called the Art Trunk. 

I had a table there and here is one corner.

I also couldn't resist some of the offerings.

An extra special moment for me was when I got to reunite with many of the people that I traveled with in Australia just over a month ago as part of the Art is You Mixed Media Roadshow.

Happily several people showed me artwork that they created with my stencils. Here Mona Groban used my Inside Out stencil on one of her beautiful items of clothing made from recycled textiles.

Pamala Young used my Past Present Future stencil to create the cover of a journal that she is sending to our active military personnel through the Journals for Heroes project founded by Edie Malin.

The best part of the retreat for me is connecting with the people who are there as instructors and as attendees. There is nothing like being surrounded by your peeps! 

I was not able to get photos of every member of the Art is You family but I did manage to get a whole bunch. Talk about an all star crew!

 MB Shaw

 Diana Trout

 Jen Crossley

 Kari McKnight Holbrook 

Tracey Stilwell

 Jodi Ohl

 Andrea Matus deMeng

 Sally Lynn MacDonald

Pam Carriker

Linda Willis

 Earl Zachery (AKA EGE)

 Juliana Hudgins

Aaron Nieradka (without Jenny Heid)

 Rice Freeman-Zachery

 Suze Weinberg (and mystery photo bomber)

Already looking forward to Art is You 2015, when they will be celebrating their tenth year!


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

What an inspiring post!
Thanks for SHARING it all, Seth!

Jo Murray said...

Looks like AIY Australia on steroids! Fabulous....and great to see those familiar faces.

sherri said...

Thank you Seth for being there and allowing me to take part in your in your wonderful class.

trish quilty said...

Sounds like so much fun..Love those rusted cogs....

MB Shaw said...

Great write up!! Sorry you had to miss the Doodle party, it was a lot of fun too ;)

Lauralyn Bellamy said...

So much creative talent in full expression!

Bill said...

Once my classes take off and I make some money, I'll be there! :-)

Carol said...

Wonderful photos, Seth, and so full of spirit. Lovely to see the Aussie gang there and all looking so happy. Wish I could get to one of those US Art is You adventures. The Art Trunk looks awesome!

Darlene K Campbell said...

I absolutely was impressed with the items made using your new stencils. Your stencils are the best. A joy to experience what was happening there through your photos. Thanks for posting.

Marjie Kemper said...

Super wrap-up, Seth. Another great week at Art Is You. It must be a wonderful feeling to see your stencils used this way... thanks for sharing those pics!

Nancy said...

Wow. I am retiring in June from teaching so I will be FRE next fall. I can't wait for the experience!!!!!!

Laura Spano said...

Great post. AIY is the best. As you know, this wasn't my best year healthwise- what a time for my migraines to appear!- but your energy, conversation and empathy is a beautiful art form in itself. Thank you for sharing always a smile and a hug as well as your fabulous art and workshops.
p.s. and totally drooling over your finds. wishing I could have stayed for the Art Trunk.

Kay Wallace said...

A great wrap-up of Art-Is-You Stamford 2014, Seth! I loved meeting you in person and taking your iWitness class with Jackie and meeting others there. Thrilled to be there for your new Urban stencil release! I was able to snag a few after class and can't wait to use them in my Stampotique challenges! Hugs, Kay

A Magical Whimsy said...

Looks like everyone had an amazing time! So many wonderful mixed media artists who are fantastic! So inspiring, this is what brought me to your blog a few years ago was the fact that you post so willingly about where you go and what you do, and who you are with, plus how people use your stencils and how they are inspired by your incredible art books. I am sure being in person with you at one of these fabulous art functions is over-the-moon wonderful!

Jackie PN said...

A fab time was had by all! so much so, I have been ailing ever since! ")
What a super class you taught Seth, and to be fortunate enough to learn from you as well as share some good laughs and giggles- You are a gem!!So happy to finally meet-live!
huge hugs!