Tuesday, January 27, 2015

7 Days of Magic

As the snow continues to fall in NYC, I am looking forward to better weather in May when I visit the Pacific NorthWest Art School on the magical island of Whidbey, just off the coast of Washington state. I hope you will consider joining me as well.

I am teaching two special workshops: 

Cover to Cover: a two-day class focused on painting layers, texture, layers, and more texture. 

If Walls Could Talk: a five-day, very special art retreat co-taught with Orly Avineri.

Cover to Cover

Over the course of two days, we will be creating a one-of-a-kind, unconventional artist book. Designed to help you break free of artistic inhibitions and explore possibilities, we will be creating layer after layer of color, texture and dimension using a tremendous range of materials. In this class, we will be putting the "mixed" in the media. And did I mention that there would be layers and texture?

May 16-17, 2015
Registration is open and space is limited.

If Walls Could Talk

We can all be found somewhere on the same dirt road, kicking up dust, gradually revealing, feverishly working toward finding new ways to form and mature. We build substrates from which we obtain our creative nourishment and the courage to inscribe our visual stories...constantly seeking where everything outside of us ends and where we begin.

Join Orly and myself for a five-day. texture-making, art-journaling, book-binding, road-tripping experience. day one we'll come together at our creative space of the week. Soon after we'll go out to explore our new visual reality on the island. We'll be visiting the forest and the sea to find texturizing and mark making elements. During the retreat, we will also explore man-made objects on a visit to local stores to join the ephemera we brought with us. Seth will guide us through the creating of walls, substrates on which magical processes will occur. We will build up these solid surfaces with layers, textures, colors, and marks. Orly will guide us through the creation and addition of our own personal narrative, which will surface through the addition of words and images. By the end of day five will be ready to literally tie our individual stories together as we bind our own books, thereby creating the most intimate of personal dossiers.

May 18-22, 2015
Registration is open and space is limited.

Orly will also be teaching in the week prior to these workshops and information on this workshop is available here.


Jackie PN said...

Seth, your workshops look incredible- especially the one where you will be putting the "mixed" in mixed media-heehee
Looks like lots of yummy textures and colors and fun to me- Probably won't make those classes but will be with you in art spirit and waiting patiently for photos afterward!
ps...loving the new colors on that first piece! ")

Kay Wallace said...

How fantastic it would be to take classes with you and Orly, Seth! Coast to coast is a bit of a stretch for me, however so, like my friend Jackie, I will be with you and arty spirit!

Vicki Miller said...

My eyes just glaze over when I read about these courses. A bit far from Australia, probably...