Thursday, March 5, 2015

Living With Art: 4

When we see art posted on the blogs from our community, by far the majority of times it is a cropped picture of a particular piece. We don't often get to see pictures of the art in the space where we actually live. Hanging art. Art on the walls. Art over the couch. Art leaning on the bookcase shelves.

Living with Art is about showing and seeing art in real life settings. Every Thursday I will be posting a series of images shared by creatives showing all of us just how art is displayed in their spaces. Each participant is opening the door and inviting us all into their surroundings. Please contact the artist if you would like any information about the pieces on display. If you want to share yours, simply email me an image, a few lines about your artistic aesthetic, and a link to your own online site. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


and here is week 4...

I don't 'collect' or 'own' art, I invite it to live with me. What I buy has to have a deep impact on my soul, otherwise there is not point to having it. My tastes are eclectic which takes me on a daily adventure.

I believe we don't find meaning in life, we make meaning. The art in my house makes meaning in some way - about life, experience, courage, love. It connects the past to the present, while I live in the present of the art.

Having my artwork on display in my home remains me of how powerful I am. It puts a smile on my face and fills my soul with self love.

The art I live with lifts and inspires me.

Painting I've done for my art show "Altar Ego." The shows content is all about Altars.

I'm lucky to have a fairly nice sized studio to create in attached to my home so the art I create is constantly moving from one place to the next before I let it go into the world. One of the last stops for it is on my desk in the kitchen so I can enjoy it for a little while before it goes to its forever home. I can also see other bits of my collection in my studio from where I sit to do my business type of art stuff.

(and see more of how Rita lives with art here)
Our loft has 10' ceilings so I'm fortunate to have a lot of hanging space to display my original art. Here I've leaned 'Blossoming' a large 40x40 canvas on top of my bookcase. The two antique statues and the grouping of antlers and driftwood help to fill the space and soften the hard angles. 


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

What a fun idea! thanks for sharing, SET!

elle said...

"we make meaning"! These homes are enriched with meaningful displays.

Carol said...

Love peeking into others homes. Thankyou. I used to feel uncomfortable hanging my own art in my home but I am learning to make art for myself and the importance of sharing it with family and friends.

Rita Vindedzis said...

Thank you Seth! Really enjoying this latest series of posts.

Not So Original Thinking said...

In answer to Carol, I do hang my own work in my home - and family and friends get quite a bit of my work especially through a yearly calendar I make for the very special people in my life. However, for this blog I decided it was time to share the work I have purchased and love dearly. The painting that Seth chose to show of the images I sent him is a painting I've had for about 15 years, that I purchased from a painter and former co-worker with whom I lost touch years ago. Though I have several brightly colored pieces in my home, this painting, though to some dark and dreary, says volumes about mystery and intrigue. Claudia never named it but I call it "Enigma." It is the painting that gets the most comments when I have visitors. She had it in a juried show at one of the oldest art groups in the state, and I saw it and said "That's mine."
I'm thrilled to give the painting more exposure - the artist's name is Claudia Cockerill.

I've really enjoyed seeing the art people live with. It's such a treat.

Jackie PN said...

Another showing of some outstanding
visits Seth! thank you to all who share their home and their art!

Hastypearl said...

Amazing variety in the art! Just like the artists, I'll bet! Again, great fun! Laura

BusyB said...

I really liked these posts, Seth. Thank-you for your generosity in offering to highlight the art in our homes.

Kay Wallace said...

Thank you to you and the others, Seth, for allowing peeks into their private places. Varied and stunning art.