Monday, March 2, 2015

What a Weekend

I spent this past weekend teaching workshops at The Queen's Ink in Maryland. The Queen's Ink is among my most favorite venues to teach out of and the owner, Patti Euler, is a favorite too. Her shop is located in Savage Mill, a restored cotton mill. Have a look inside...

I taught three new workshops here for the first time: Viewfinder, Dimensional Stenciling and Brick by Brick.

In Viewfinder, we got our Spellbinders on and created Japanese stab bound books with windows using die cuts, texture plates, and more.

In Dimensional Stenciling, we experimented with an array of approaches to stenciling and used some of the newest and best texture-making products on the market.

Everybody created a technique/product guide that they could refer to in the future as well as these amazing artworks:

Brick by Brick, my third workshop, is an urban grunge, graffiti inspired class. 

It got off to a great start, with painting, group monoprinting, and collage.

Unfortunately, mother nature had another idea. 

An ice storm sadly shut down the venue and we had to stop 2 hours into the class. I have to say that I am impressed with how well everybody handled this. I will be returning to The Queen's Ink on June 7 to make this workshop up and will hold another workshop on June 6.


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...


Maryanne said...

Hope you get home safely, Seth! We're iced in here right now.

Anonymous said...

You are obviously a great teacher because your students' works are amazing!

lara said...

Love the new workshops - interested to see how the Brick by Brick ones turn out. Will you be making DVD or video tutorials for any of these eventually?

Jackie PN said...

waaaa! I want to come play!!

Seth, what a cool venue indeed!! Looks like lots of outside light also! too bad about the ice storm, but these students get to have you back a second time- so lucky them!! hugs

PocketSize said...

Well, the classes were great, even if the Sunday one had to be cut short. Really looking forward to making it up, though! Thanks for being so awesome.

Kay Wallace said...

I have been close a couple of times (while in New York), but have not made it to the Queen's Ink yet. It is definitely on my bucket list, however. What good sports (both you and your students) when Mother Nature came to disrupt your class! Anyone who is able to take a class with Seth should definitely do so. My time with you is one of my most cherished memories! Mwah!

Parabolic Muse said...

You really know how to cover an event. This looks like a great place to browse.

I can't wait for your coverage of the Pulse Project exhibit.