Thursday, April 23, 2015

Living With Art: 10

When we see art posted on the blogs from our community, by far the majority of times it is a cropped picture of a particular piece. We don't often get to see pictures of the art in the space where we actually live. Hanging art. Art on the walls. Art over the couch. Art leaning on the bookcase shelves.

Living with Art is about showing and seeing art in real life settings. Every Thursday I will be posting a series of images shared by creatives showing all of us just how art is displayed in their spaces. Each participant is opening the door and inviting us all into their surroundings. Please contact the artist if you would like any information about the pieces on display. If you want to share yours, simply email me an image, a few lines about your artistic aesthetic, and a link to your own online site. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


and here is week 10...

Judi Kauffman
My studio is anything but minimalist. As a counterpoint, the spaces my husband and I share are intentionally uncluttered. Our house was built in 1958 and we've kept the mid-century modern feel. The original pieced glass light fixture casts a soft glow on the three pieces of art in the room - an abstract airbrush painted by my father from his college days and two small watercolors of peanuts by my mother, whose work was always realistic. I can see my own hard-edge graphic style in my dad's work, my love of deep rich colors in my mom's. We love the paintings for how they look, but even more for all the memories they hold.

Young and poor my first savings were spent on a great lythograph (now hanging on my kitchen wall). Old and still poor (in money) my house is filled with art, given to me, bought by me, made by me. A house without art can never be a home to me.

I live near the beach and have a passion for boats. Before I became disabled I loved going the docks and taking pictures to work from. I painted the boat painting and the little encaustic, as well as a couple of small angel collages sitting in one of the boats and the girl statue sitting near that. It is cool that I am into boats because then out decor has a masculine feeling to it so my husband is not overwhelmed by too many girlie items.
(and see more of how Gigi lives with art here)

I am totally surrounded by art. It fills my senses and inspires creativity. I have many walls of art, either other artists, collections, my art or items I enjoy. 

Above my fireplace is this vignette. I sit across from this every morning and never tire of the view. You'll find birds in any way, shape or form around my house and they make their way into several pieces of my art. Hands, faces and the color green seem to be a consistent theme as well. This is one of several assemblages that around my home that provides inspiration and comfort. Living with art is not only a choice, it is a necessity for me.

In my artwork and in my home I am influenced by many cultures. That is why I call myself an international artist. My works in my living room are sacred meditative works that reflect the Apache Creation Story. The story is about Changing Lady and the Sacred Mountain Spirits. I want everyone to remember their divine origins no matter what it is for them. 

Marcy Rutledge
I am an artist but also a collector and have been collecting art for over 40 years. I buy from artists that I know as well as unknowns, thrift shop finds, trades, as well as my own work. I can't live without my walls filled with these treasures and can tell you how I acquired each and every one. I built my home to work around my art and from time to time change things around to get a new look.


Anonymous said...

This is such a great series. Thank you so much for featuring my home! I have reciprocated with a post.

Jo Murray said...

It's all quite fascinating Seth...many thanks.

Kay Wallace said...

I am so loving "peeking" into others homes to see their artful walls, desks, and, in some cases, floors! Another great sampling this week, Seth...thanks!

elle said...

Computer was in for redoing and I have missed my art 'fix'. Thanks, Seth!

Jackie PN said...

Another week of wonderful art share!!
I would love to see more of Judi decorating- mid -century is right up my alley!
I also really dig the way that Marcy decorated right to the base of the wall- very appealing!!
Thanks Seth! Such a great inspiring series- and thank you everyone who shares!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for featuring my home and all those other homes. It is so good to read that many people will not feel good without art around them.