Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Last month I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. 

Robert Maloney invited me to be a guest speaker in his Experimental/Mixed Media class that he teaches in the BFA program. I first connected with Bob when I saw his work featured in the May/June 2010 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. I was immediately taken by his work and asked him to contribute to my book The Pulse of Mixed Media.

This piece, as well as several others, are a part of my current exhibition The Pulse Project, running through the month of April 2015 at The Empty Space Project gallery in Putnam, CT.

Wish you all could see these in person. The work is stunning...especially in the details.

After talking to the class about my experiences as a mixed media artist, I had a conversation with one of the students, JL Mathis. I had the opportunity to see her work in person and was quite impressed. A sculpture who works with recycled materials, each of her pieces is quite unique and directly connected to her concerns about the plight of different animal species. Her use of materials that are specific to the issues behind each piece is inspired and you can read more about each one on her website.

 Honey Money

 The Price of Pets

 Head Full of Teeth

Tiger Wine


elle said...

two very different artists but equally amazing work! luv the attention to detail.

Jo Murray said...

Both VERY interesting artists. Your schedule is exhausting!

Caterina Giglio said...

amazing work, and wonderful for you to be asked to speak... I agree with Jo, your energy is amazing...

Jackie PN said...

Very cool art from both artists!
Seth, in case I have not said,before- thank you for sharing all that you do and introducing us(me)to art I might never have seen! ")

Kay Wallace said...

We meet the most talented people along our artful paths, do we not? These two are certainly no exception! Thanks for usual...amazing art!

Bill said...

These are just ultra cool! I could see that bee hanging in my bedroom. I wouldn't get any sleep, but it would definitely look cool.

Parabolic Muse said...

Man o man o man, this is Yummy!