Thursday, May 7, 2015

Living With Art: 12

When we see art posted on the blogs from our community, by far the majority of times it is a cropped picture of a particular piece. We don't often get to see pictures of the art in the space where we actually live. Hanging art. Art on the walls. Art over the couch. Art leaning on the bookcase shelves.

Living with Art is about showing and seeing art in real life settings. Every Thursday I will be posting a series of images shared by creatives showing all of us just how art is displayed in their spaces. Each participant is opening the door and inviting us all into their surroundings. Please contact the artist if you would like any information about the pieces on display. If you want to share yours, simply email me an image, a few lines about your artistic aesthetic, and a link to your own online site. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show.


and here is week 12...

I am surrounded by my art, my children's art, my collections, books and assorted ephemera which all give me inspiration. 

Since I'm an old computer nerd and love creating digital art, I surround my computer table with my wacky physical art. It's suppose to remind me to turn off the computer and get my hands covered with paint. That's when my simmer child really lets loose!

Living with Art, for us, is the only way to live. We incorporated Art into every aspect of the home that we designed and built ourselves, over a number of years... walls, construction, acid-etched floors, pottery, canvas, antiques, even the setting of it which is built on top of a red sandstone bluff overlooking the ocean. Living and working full time as artists, we need Art to surround us. It makes a life feel beautiful and exciting.

I use every possible surface for displaying art in my cottage in Dallas. Support beams which were required due to an open concept remodeling make excellent surface for hanging art! My aesthetic is basically searching for the answer to the question, "What happens if...?" I work in sketchbooks, oil and water soluble paints, fabric, cardboard, color pencils, found objects; I want to try paper clay and papier mache soon.

My home and my studio both reflect my love of art and colors. I feel so much happier when I have beautiful things to look at! I feel it helps me live a happier life. I also travel a lot and try to bring home some part of the beautiful countries and people I visit. 

Theresa Wells Stifel
Art & vintage goodies are in every corner of our house. This is the view to the left as you walk in the front door. My favorite part of this vignette? Not only are all the pieces from different artists but they are all different mediums. The best part? They are all from friends.


Bill said...

These are a fun bunch of collections! Thanks for including me in this group. I think a couple of us could be related!

Jo Murray said...

A very eclectic lot this week...but wonderful.

elle said...

Interesting concept to build a house just to showcase art. :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Thank you Seth, Love seeing everyone's Art Life.

Debrina said...

Love it!

Jackie PN said...

I really love this series and enjoy a peek into everyone's home-thank you Seth!!
Digging those cool dolls of Genie Geer!!

Rae Missigman said...

I don't always have time to comment, but I had to say that I LOVE this post. It is so nice to see art in the homes of artists. Thank you for sharing this!

Unknown said...

Jolly good show! We love seeing artist's spaces, and I am thrilled to be a participant in this series.

Pam McKnight said...

Thanks for including me! I love peeking into others spaces...more inspiration!