Monday, May 11, 2015

The Faces of New York

One of my favorite places to visit in NYC to see art is Sotheby's the auction house. Prior to every sale, there is an exhibition of the work open to the public. It is an exciting opportunity to see art that may not ever again be exhibited as it often goes from private hands to private hands.

The exhibition currently running now shows work from the upcoming Contemporary Art Evening and Day sales in NYC but also includes phenomenal work that will be auctioned in London and Paris.

While I am typically most attracted to abstract art, I was thoroughly taken by the figurative work on display. Take a tour with me of the exhibition, as I share detail shots, artist, title, as well as auction estimates of some of my favorite pieces.


Francis Bacon

George Condo
Monolithic Head

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Willem De Kooning
Yellow Women

 Henry Moore
Two Women and Child

 Jean Dubuffet
L'Homme au Plastron Bleu

Andy Warhol
Sigmund Freud


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

VERy inspiring works!

Jo Murray said...

How lucky you are to get to see these works! Some of my very Favourite artists.

Unknown said...

I must be very old fashioned, I don't like any of them. To me they look as be en made by a mentally deranged person :(

Kate Fernyhough said...

wow, you're so lucky to see these!

Jackie PN said...

Wow!! Digging that monolithic head!!
Thanks again for sharing something I never would have viewed otherwise!
cool stuff Seth! ")

Dog-Ma said...

Not my cup of tea, but I love seeing art that isn't. I like to study each piece and see what the artist was (in my opinion) trying to achieve or say. Then I look at each one again and find that they are more appealing to me for having spent time with them. Thank you for sharing.

Bill said...

Wow. I guess if they can call those portraits then I can go back to doing some, too. The woman I took oil painting lessons from many years ago must be rolling over in her grave.

Kay Wallace said...

What a great gift to share these with the public before going on the auction block, Seth, and a wonderful opportunity for you! These may well go into private collections, so this opportunity was priceless! Rather pricey, huh?!