Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top 10 Trends in Mixed Media

Twice a year, the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) publishes an in-depth report describing the trends within the craft industry. This publication is a snapshot of the products, supplies and techniques that are hot at the present time and likely to emerge in the upcoming months. It makes for a fascinating read for all crafters, artists, manufacturers and retailers interested in better understanding the "State of the Union" of our community.

The report covers the following areas: general crafts, children's crafts, home decor, jewelry arts, mixed media, needle arts, paper craft, and wearable arts. As a designer member of CHA and part of the Trends Committee, I was responsible for the section on mixed media. I have summarized 10 mixed media trends for mid-year 2015 below. Click here to read the full report.


--Art Journaling: with a shift toward more authentic, raw journaling and less emphasis on pretty pages

--Bible Journaling: faith-based journaling directly into bibles is on the rise

--Text and Lettering: a hot trend from 2014 continues in many forms

--Paint Mediums: more and more companies are diving into the paint business and paint pens are a hot product in 2015

--Fine Art: crosses into mixed media via the popularity of encaustic and cold wax techniques, portraiture and watercolors

--Stencils: continues to ride a wave of popularity with text, geometric shapes, nature, portraiture and and background designs trending as themes

--Fabric and Fiber: crossing into mixed media in many forms

--Surface Design: renewed interest is evident on fabric and paper, both digitally and handmade

--Sketching: a continued resurgence in sketching and drawing is evident

--Coloring books for adults are hot, hot, hot

Seeing your own trends? Add you thoughts to this post in the comments section...


Maryanne said...

I appreciate your post and your insight, Seth. It's always fun to know what's happening in the craft world and what's to come. I always think it's interesting to see what is coming back into vogue after a while out of the spotlight. This time it seems like surface design. I'm excited about that because I used to do surface design on fabric with paint and machine stitching and just this morning I was looking through some of my old books on the subject and thinking about taking it up again and incorporating it into my mixed media work! Serendipity for sure! I have to read the entire report. Thanks for posting this.

peggy gatto said...

Say, thanks!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was delighted to see your take on this trend, and was thrilled you left the link to other trends as well. I'll tell you one thing I see, but it will of course, go against the grain of CHA, who are there to sell PRODUCTS. I see more and more people using found objects, junk mail, magazine images, and old calendar pages cut into interesting shapes and sizes, thus making the original medium quite unrecognizable.

I read Mason's take on fabric arts and agree that we no longer need a rotary cutter to make a lovely art quilt or fabric book. Seems my idea of tearing everything and dyeing using non-traditional products may finally be coming into vogue.

Many people have asked me why I have never tried to get published. I tell them it's simple. For the most part, I don't use name brand items, preferring instead to cull through my friends and neighbors recycle bins. If you can't name the product as well as the process, it seems you already have three strikes against you. However, paint, whether cheap craft acrylic, or expensive heavy body paint, still seems to rule. And of course, when I DO watch TV, I see LOTS of commercials for "adult" coloring books.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

Bible journaling! Never would have predicted that. I mean, I can see journaling based on scripture, but to actually paint in a Bible! Interesting...
Definitely seeing stitching and fiber crossing over into mixed media. As well as indigo dying all over the place. Don't forget the Eco dying! Repurposing/recycling/up cycling materials in artwork will be more on the rise in my opinion.

jinxxxygirl said...

Hmmm... I still like pretty pages in art journals..
Not religious
I DO love text and lettering
As far as paint pens go why oh why cannot i not buy
a Signo Uniball white pen in my craft store??? HL or M
Not into wax
LOVE some background stencils
Not into fabric or fiber
Not sure what you mean by Surface Design
sketching YES!!
Adult coloring books... YES!!

Thanks for sharing Seth! Its always nice to hear the predictions.... i wonder how accurate they usually are... Hugs! deb

Lynda Shoup said...

Interesting findings. I had many moments of recognition as I read the list. Interesting to see how the trend changes. I wonder if it would be helpful to know what things are starting to fade away (so that we could buy up supplies while they are available.)

elle said...

Colouring books! :) One trend I see is people are doing blog watching differently. Not sure why or how but I know I am.

Stephanie said...

I think the list is spot on.

~*~Patty S said...

Interesting list and resource Seth.
Thank you for sharing!