Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mixology 101.5

Mixology 101
Mixology 101.5

This series of pop-up posts will focus on sharing ways in which I combine hand made art with commercial products. Since becoming a blogger for Spellbinders in 2013, I have had the opportunity to explore many supplies coming from the craft industry and to learn how to put my own twist on them as I add them into my artwork. The posts in this series may focus on completed art, process, product, and/or any other aspect of mixed media. So put the mix in the media and let's get creative...

DIY Letterpress Printing

Letterpress Printing, a process developed in the 15th century, is a form of relief printing where inked text or designs are deeply impressed into paper. The letterpress process traditionally uses a letterpress machine and wood or metal type - making it largely inaccessible as a DIY for most people. 

 But did you know that you can use embossing folders and a die cutting machine to create the look?

To demonstrate this technique, I am using the Spellbinders Basket Weave 3D M-Bossabilities Folder.

Using a piece of cardstock, I ran the folder through Spellbinders Grand Calibur Die Cutting & Embossing Machine and ended up with a deeply etched design, as you can see from the image of the embossed cardstock below. 

I wish you were able to run your fingers over the surface to really see how dimensional the paper has become.

In order to letterpress, you simply need to rub the surface of an inkpad across the raised side of the double-sided embossing folder before you insert your paper and run it through your machine. I have found that pigment ink works best, as it remains wet for quite some time on the slick surface of the folder. For this demo, I used the Teal Zeal Memento Luxe pigment ink from Imagine Crafts.

The ink sits in the grooves while the surface remains the original color of the paper.

Spellbinders has generously provided my blog readers with a special code to use between now and 9/19 that will enable you to buy one embossing folder and to get another one free. Click here to and enter the code SETHEMBOSS. 


Sisterhood of the Muse said...

Letterpress and printing...so close to my heart! Great post. :-)

elle said...

Great. I'm organizing my die stuff so I can use my machine which is presently buried. :( I have some embossing folders and this will be a great technique to try! thanks

Sandy said...

This looks fabulous will have to try this for sure.. TFS...

Unknown said...

Hi Seth!
I love using this technique and the effect is really cool! Glad to see you experimenting with it :) I recently came up with a fun distressed faux letterpress technique using foils and embossing folders.. It's a great fun and I love the distressed look you end up with... The link to my YouTube is on my blog if you want to check it out ;)
Have a great day, Seth! All the best! Ingrid

Jackie PN said...

Seth!! I love how you incorporated these folders into your art!! And i love the selection that Spellbinders has!! Thank you for sharing and being part of their team! xo

barbara macaskill said...

You can also use spray mists and either tissues, toilet paper or paper towels to get some really awesome letterpress effects! TFS!

Chesley said...

Cool technique! And thank you for the discount code - I think I got my order in on the last day!