Thursday, April 21, 2016

Time to Retreat

Hosting my first retreat recently in Taos, New Mexico with Roxanne Evans Stout, I realized the transformative effect of such an experience. In catching up with blogs following my return home, I came across many posts that highlighted the experience of several people at retreats they either hosted or attended. This time when reading through, I focused on the power of the retreat rather than just on the pretty pictures.

Mae Chevrette shared her experience teaching in Belize.

Lynn Whipple and Carla Sonheim lead a crew in Oaxaca.

And through a synchronistic twist, Judy Wise was having her own retreat in Mexico and crossed paths with Lynn and Carla.

Roxanne Evans Stout shares her take on our retreat in Taos.

And Tina Walker shares her experience as a participant in our retreat in this beautiful post.

Have you hosted or attended an artist retreat? Share you experience and/or link in the comments.


Sweetpea said...

Such an important subject for me these days ... allowing oneself to have the experience of "retreat." It's such a powerful word in and of itself! I am so grateful for the teachers who are willing to offer them & take us places we've not gone before.

I've had two immensely growth-filled experiences attending India Flint's masterclass called 'being [t]here' which took place in Newburgh, Fife, Scotland. The first workshop was so profound I decided to return again last year - that, and I fell in love with that bonny green Celtic land. Here's the link to my post explaining what that the time was like:

I look forward to hearing about retreat experiences from others. Thanks for a great post, Seth.

rivergardenstudio said...

Thank you so much for this post Seth, I love seeing the photographs and adventures of other retreats, each seemed to be life-changing in its own way, and each rich and compelling. Thank you too for including my post here. A Cabinet of Curiosities is still so fresh in my mind as one of the most beautiful experiences of my life!
- roxanne

Jo Murray said...

There is no doubt that art retreats are rewarding, satisfying, and fun! Thanks for providing links to some great experiences.

Tina said...

Thank you Seth! What a great recap of some amazing retreats! The world is such a magical and creative inspiration. So many places to see, people to meet, and things to create!

Sisterhood of the Muse said...

Retreats are more than a luxury. I think they are a necessity. We all need a time to rest, relax and revive. Thanks for sharing the photos. :-)

Ellen said...

Nice post, Seth! Let's all go back soon!

Anonymous said...

sheer gorgeousness. looks like an awesome time!