Sunday, December 18, 2016

Art in New York

I have had a few opportunities in the last month to visit a number of museums and galleries in NYC -- one of my favorite activities. The number of galleries in NYC boggles the mind (well over 1,000) and the quality of the museums and their exhibitions even out-boggles that.

I feel so fortunate to have such easy access to so much art and always visit the exhibitions with an eye toward sharing what I see with you. So put on your walking shoes and let's go on an art tour. Hopefully this post captures a bit of the breadth and variety of art that can be seen on any random day in NYC...

Carl Palazzolo: Lennon, Weinberg, Inc. (through 12/22/16)


Calder and Picasso: Almine Rech Gallery (through 12/17/16)

Agnes Martin: The Guggenheim (through 1/11/17)

Highlighting her early, less-often-seen work...

Who knew that while in NYC she worked with found objects...

Tony Scherman: Winston Wachter Fine Art, Inc. (through 12/23/16)

Ai Weiwei: Lisson Gallery (through 12/23/16)

Artists of the New York School: Allan Stone Projects (through 12/23/16)

John Graham

Michael Goldberg

Alfred Leslie

Richard Stankiewicz

Scraps: Cooper Hewitt (through 4/16/17)


judywitkin said...

Oh Seth. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Art. You are so generous. This made my day. And trust me, my day needed making!

Connie L. Riley said...

Thank you for sharing some facinating art from selected NY museums. Inspiration comes at surprising times and your blog post was just the spark I needed to start a crafting project this dreary day! I often find your posts stimulating, but have not commented until now. I find your blog posts filled with inspiring thoughts and ideas and when you share your art and the art of others on your blog, my creativity always pops.
Thanks! Connie

elle said...

Remarkable variety. lucky you!

Ali said...

Thank you for sharing what attracts you. This moved and inspired me.

Cindy said...

Especially loved the Tony Scherman paintings.