Friday, December 23, 2016

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As one year turns into the next, trend watchers often share their finds of what to expect in the new year. This is the case in art and craft as much as in every other industry. Here is a round-up and summary of predictions from online trend spotters.


Top Drawer, a design-led, lifestyle event in the UK for creative retailers, shares six trends that cut across craft, home, gift and fashion for Spring/Summer 2017...

The Blues: The tranquil tones of myriad different blues grace everything with a touch of beautiful, ethereal cool.

Honest Simplicity: Here the aesthetic is fluid; the color palette soft, warm and natural.

The Tribe Vibe: Pattern, material and texture reference a tribal, natural vibe.

Echoes of Deco: Bold geometrics. metallics and an aura of luminous luxe characterize this ultra-glam trend.

Happy: This direction sees eye popping colour, modern materials and strong, graphical influences...

'70s Remix: The distinctively bright color combinations and dynamic patterns so redolent of '70s decor get a fresh update.


Creativeworld, the annual, international trade fair in Frankfurt for hobbies, arts & crafts, and artists, focuses on trends in both exhibition and education. They have created three "trend worlds" for 2017/2018.

Whimsy: a trend full of contrasts. Playful, bizarre or lively. The idea is to mixed and patch together intensive colours with various patterns or outlandish forms...juxtapose contrasts and in turn generate a new exciting unity.

Thoughtful: delicate and modest. This trend uses modest neutral colours and delicate minimalist patterns... This modest style uses neutral grey, black and white nuanced colours which are complemented by sensuous pastel shades such as rose and bright blue.

Imperfect: the new perfection... Derived from nature and folklore... it closely mirrors the Japanese Wabi-Sabi principle which says you can find beauty in everything, even imperfection... It is where imperfect and haphazard meets ordered and conventional.


Robert Rusin shares his 5 top 2017 trends for artists and designers...

Abstract Compositions
Unusual Geometric Shapes
Bold, clashing colours
Free-hand sketches
Random Photography 


Miriam Harris shares 5 visual trends for 2017 in multiple categories, including...

Colour: Pantone'c color for 2017 is greenery and is all about new beginnings, freshness, and environmentalism.

Also expect to see a rise in deep hues such as khaki, olive green, brick reds, maroon browns, and charcoal grey. The long term colour forecast is a trend in primary colors of red, blue and green.


Based on search terms, Getty Images shares 6 visual trends in photography for 2017...

Virtuality: Rather than looking at an image, we are now in the image.

Color Surge: Color is no longer just one component of the image; it became the star.

Unfiltered: Fearless and passionate, bold documentary-style imagery is quickly gaining ground.

Gritty Woman: Fighter, feminist, phenomenon - more concerned with what she can dothan how she should look.

Global Neighborhood: Our collective cultural identities will be less about where we are and more about what we believe.

New Naivety: Celebrating visuals that are spontaneous and playful, and at times uncomfortable.


Brenda Brown said...

Lovely to see all the different perspectives and colour palettes. Thanks for a great year of art and Merry Christmas to you and yours Seth, have a wonderful festive weekend. Huge hugs xxx

Indira said...

A very interesting collection of likely trends in patterns and colors for 2017. Thanks for bringing these to our attention. As always, your thoughtfulness and service to the art community is much appreciated. Have a good holiday season and best wishes for a happy, healthy and successful 2017!

Karenliz Henderson said...

Interesting, I do see some of this already. Have a great holiday season and Happy New Year. I can't wait to see what's on your blog next.

A Pink said...

a fantastic insight . Thanks as always Seth for sharing . Merry Christmas x

Squiddy said...

Starting to look like the year when "anything goes"

Christine said...

Interesting post, thank you for sharing.
Have a happy and healthy Christmas.

Linda Cain said...

Always a treat. Looking forward to what comes. TFS.

elle said...

Not necessarily being a trendy person I kinda like where these are going. I shall pick what appeals and enjoy the processing! Thanks, Seth