Friday, July 28, 2017

Australia 2017: Post 2

Continuing my review of my recent trip to Australia, this is post 2 in a series. You can check out my previous post on my playtime in Melbourne here

Today's stop is Ballarat in Victoria where I was part of the Fibre Arts Australia crew. The event was held at The Ballarat Grammar School during winter holiday and we took over the classroom buildings, cafeteria and dorms.

It was a very busy week but I did get a chance the first morning to wander outside the school grounds and find some inspiring sites.

Given that it was winter, darkness fell quite early but at least we were lit one night by the full moon.

I spent the week getting lost on the campus and was always happy to find my friend at the door to my workshop building so I knew I had found my way.

I taught a 5-day workshop called A Library of Memories with a group of wonderfully creative and very cheeky students.

I think it is fair to say that it was a very, very fun experience...

...with a lot of art making happening from when the classroom opened at 7am to when it shut at 9pm.

As a group we created a star book that was auctioned off for charity.

The completed projects were phenomenal and I was amazed at the amount of work that was completed during the workshop.

At the end of the event, there was an exhibition of all the student work.

It was exciting to be able to see the work that created in the other workshops as well. #somuchtalent

A huge thank you to the artists who took my workshop. Looking forward to seeing many of you again next July when I return to Ballarat for round 2.

Next up: heading to Lismore in New South Wales to do it all over again.


Helen said...

wow, Seth - a five day workshop sounds a huge amount of prep - but so worth it judging by the results! Brilliant projects from all your students.

Glenys said...

Was sooo great to have you share your knowledge with all of the Fibre Arts Australia family! We so are looking forward to 2018 for your return. Gx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I mean this work is so gorgeous! I just have to get to one of these work shops. It's on my bucket list.

Anonymous said...

Also it was really nice of you to help that guy hold his pitch fork up.

Ruth said...

Extraordinary and inspiring work by all, thanks so much for sharing your adventure and work with us Seth...great post!

Jenny Marples said...

WOW! Honestly a total WOW! The chance to spend 5 long days creating really significant and outstandingly stunning projects will have been a dream come true for your students. Hats off to them for the incredible art they created (and of course to you for guiding them through the processes involved)! xx

Christina said...

Such awesome memories- great post!
Cheeky students?!! Not us ��

A Pink said...

Looks like a fantastic time was had by all judging by all those smiles and all the amazing, inspirational art created on both your workshop Seth and on other workshops.
An opportunity not to have been missed and I'm sure all your students are so glad they didn't . That's how to make memories to really remember .
Thanks again Seth for sharing .
See you at NSW x