Sunday, August 20, 2017

Art Deck 1

I love working small. It is my comfort zone and my go-to for when I am just playing in the studio. There is something about a compact canvas that I find freeing rather than restricting. Yesterday, I got in the zone and started a new project which I am calling Art Deck. 52 small pieces of art.

Today I am posting the first 11 pieces. I will be selling each "card" in the deck individually for between $35 and $55 (including postage if you are in the US/plus postage if you are International). Most measure 4 x 4 inches but in this first grouping they range from 3.5 x 3.25 to 8 x 2 inches. Many are built on paper while some are layered on vintage book cover slices.

As each grouping is ready, I will post images on my blog and announce the sale on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each piece is available for purchase through my online shop.

Thanks for browsing the gallery!

Horizon Line
Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you

 Figure Eight
Sold - thank you

Sold - thank you


 Stepping Stones
Sold - thank you


Chris Lally said...

Each piece is so unique, Seth, but all are equally gorgeous!!

Unknown said...

They are all great :)

A Pink said...

Wow! What a fabulous gallery of creativity , Seth. Love the originality of each piece! So pleased to see they are selling well!
Inspiring as always .

Gina Pisello said...

What a wonderful variety of collage pieces. I too love working small and can't wait to see the next installment.

Redanne said...

They are all uniquely beautiful Seth!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Delightful! Love the idea for this series and the first pieces you've shared! Have fun with the rest of the "deck"!

Jackie PN said...

Great project Seth! I get what you mean about working small- I think that is more of my modus operandi ! Heehee
Great that so many have sold already, treasured pieces for the buyers for sure!
- good for you!
Jackie ")

Unknown said...

love them so wonderful

My Side of Oz said...

Finally a chance to collect some of your art! Loving the sizes and idea! And such awesome pieces! Will be getting some after I return from Japan!