Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Australia 2017: Post 4

Still recounting my recent month in Australia and happy that you are joining the adventure here. We started in Melbourne (Post 1), headed to Ballarat (Post 2), and then to Lismore (Post 3), all as part of my adventure with Fibre Arts Australia. I then headed to Sydney, the focus of this post and the last stop on my journey.

First up was a visit to my mate Sallianne McClelland, of Art is You fame.
We caught up, made plans and spent way too much time across from each other on our laptops trying to keep up with our inboxes.

I taught two Art is You pop-up workshops.

Day 1 was 52 Card Pickup. I always have fun teaching this.

My demo deck

Student work in progress

Day 2 was Mixed Media Mashup. Anything goes in this class and I was very impressed with the creativity and variety  of the work.

Happy campers

Speaking of Art is You - plans are being made for 2018 and 2019. Sign up here to be the first to hear. And join the Art is You Movement here.

After my "work" ended, I had a few days to relax in Sydney.

Saw some amazing exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Gordon Bennett

Lena Yarinkura

Jenny Watson

Saw the Opera House from a distance...

...and close up

Got together with Linda Lucas and her husband Ron (and there is that Opera House again)

Visited the stalls at The Rocks

Ferried to North Sydney for a different view of the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney skyline

Took 1,000 photos at Luna Park

Visited Wendy's Secret Garden

Found my first book on the shelves of Kinokuniya Books

Saw the most magnificent and moving outdoor art installation 

In the end, I was ready to stay and ready to head home. Happily, I have plans to return again in July 2018. Will be teaching again in Ballarat (workshop full), Lismore (registration open), and Sydney (to be announced). May have a few surprises down under to announce as well. Stay tuned...


Jackie PN said...

WOW You are such the world traveler Seth! Did you ever think??
Thanks for sharing some of your photos, that outdoor installation looks magnificent! Did you shoot video by any chance??How COOL!
Jackie ")
ps, speaking of cool,try and pop by my blog later today!

Chris Lally said...

Well, Seth, your blog post was the next best thing to being there. LOVE seeing the student pieces, that BIG mess, and all of those happy faces! Looks like a very successful workshop!
Your personal photos - icing on the cake!! Great post.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Well Seth you are certainly getting around a bit! Great post, Angela xXx

Christina said...

Great post Seth and terrific photos.
Looking forward to the surprise - relocating to Oz??!! �� said...

It looks like Sydney put on wonderful weather for you. LOVE the variety of the students work and the smiling faces of familiar people. Keep enjoying what your travels gift you!

craftytrog said...

Such great photos! Thanks for sharing Seth!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the two workshops and still feel inspired.
Glad youd enjoyed your time here and I am looking forward to attending more workshops next year.
PS: Great photos!

Ricki Treleaven said...

It looks like a very fun group! I need to read about the Art is You movement. :D Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I'm determined to attend one of your workshops in 2018!


A Pink said...

Fabulous creativity, terrific photos of Sydney and what looks like one awesome adventure down under, Seth . Thank you so much for sharing. Thoroughly enjoyed your 'Australia 2017 1-4 posts.
Roll on next year when hopefully your adventures will continue .......
Have a great week