Monday, August 7, 2017

ITAC 2017

Won't you join me for an online, international tournament filled with creative challenges, tutorials, prizes, and a few surprises.

For 5 consecutive weeks beginning August, a group of international artists have prepared a set of weekly creative challenges, each representing a world continent, to inspire the artist in you. 

Each challenge comes with its own theme, set of instructions, tips, tutorials and masterclass.  There will also be a sixth, final challenge as a grand finale. Oh yeah...and prizes. Lots of prizes.

It is free to join and the deadline for all challenges is not until September 15 -- so there is plenty of time to participate even if you are busy. Every level of skill is welcome!

How to Play

1. Create a piece of artwork following the theme and instructions given by the artists for each challenge.
2. Post your artwork on the AALLandCreate Fanatics Facebook Page Group in the relevant album that corresponds with the challenge. But please note that only work posted in the correct album will be eligible for inclusion.
3. Anyone who does not have a Facebook Account but who would like to participate can still do so by posting their work on their own blog or website and emailing the link to Or you can simply email us an image of your challenge entry.
4. AND post your challenge piece on your own Social Networking Pages and/or blogs along with the link and the hashtag for the challenge. These will be made available as each challenge is launched.
5. The ITAC Tournament is open to everyone, you don't need to be signed up and there are no other conditions.
6. At the end of the tournament, after deliberations of the judging panels, there will be lots of prizes for the winners and special bonuses for the other participants.

All the instructions, additional details, and the reveal of the entire team behind the tournament can be found here. Hope you will consider joining our community and sharing your creativity with the world.


Sisterhood of the Muse said...

Sounds like fun :-) I will be checking it out.

Anita A Westin CZT said...

This sounds like fun! I´ll follow it and might participate!

Redanne said...

Such a wonderful line up of incredibly talented artists and so pleased to see you there Seth!

A Pink said...

Such a great idea . Sounds like theres gonna be lots of fun to be had . Thrilled to see you amongst the line up of artists, Seth . Thats temptations enough to check it all out :) x

Gaby Bee said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the projects! It sounds interesting.

geezercrafter said...

I'm in, looking forward!!!

Jackie PN said...

sounds pretty interesting!

Uroocreations said...

Ohhh....such a great chance to know about these superb artists. I am in. This will be fun....looking forward!!!!