Workshop Schedule 

I love teaching art workshops and I love taking them too. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being in a room filled with artists creating. The sense of possibility, the spirit of community, and the curiosity to learn all combine to create serious magic.

The following is my workshop schedule for the upcoming year and 1 special event for 2016.  If you have any specific questions or would like spaces held for workshops that are not yet open for registration, please do not hesitate to email me. Links will take you to either the venue's general website or the workshop registration page. If you represent a venue and are interested in hosting one or more of my workshops, please contact me via email at shap97@gmail.com.



January 9 - Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show - Anaheim, CA
--Mixed Media Layer Conveyer

January 16 - Gilding the Lily - Fullerton, California
--Majestic Medallions

January 17 - Make Art in LA - Los Angeles, CA
--52 Card Pickup

January 18 - Make Art in LA - Los Angeles, CA
--Picture Windows

January 24 - Artistic Artifacts - Alexandria, VA
--For Your Eyes Only

January 25 - Artistic Artifacts - Alexandria, VA
--52 Card Pickup


February 27 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland

February 28 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--Dimensional Stenciling


March 1 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--Brick by Brick

March 22 - The Ink Pad - New York, New York
--Collage Camp


April 28-30 - Art & Soul Retreat - Kansas City, Missouri
--April 28: For Your Eyes Only
--April 30: 52 Card Pickup 


May 2 - Studio of MB Shaw - St. Louis, Missouri
--Collaborative workshop with MB Shaw

May 16-17 - Pacific Northwest Art School - Coupeville, WA
--Cover to Cover

May 18-22 - Pacific Northwest School Art School - Coupeville, WA
--If Walls Could Talk: collaborative workshop with Orly Avineri

May 26 - ArtWorks - Edmonds, WA
--In the Pocket: collaborative workshop with John Arbuckle

May 28 - ArtWorks - Edmonds, WA
--In the Pocket: collaborative workshop with John Arbuckle


June 6 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--Collage Camp

June 7 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--Brick by Brick

June 13 - Pratt Institute - New York, New York
--52 Card Pickup

June 17 - Westchester Artists Guild - White Plains, New York
--Layer Creator

June 26 - Random Arts - Saluda, North Carolina
--Dimensional Stenciling

June 27 - Random Arts - Saluda, North Carolina
--Collage Camp

June 28 - Random Arts - Saluda, North Carolina
--Picture Windows


July 11-12 - The Healing Heart Art Studio - Gages Lake, Illinois
--For Your Eyes Only

July 23 - The Ink Pad - New York, New York
--Background Noise


August 9-11 - Art Unraveled Retreat - Phoenix, Arizona
--August 9: Viewfinder
--August 10: Dimensional Stenciling
--August 11: 52 Card Pickup

August 14 - The Ink Pad - New York, New York
--Photo Op

August 25 - The Ink Pad - New York, New York
--Photo Op

August 29 - Sonoma County Book Guild - Sebastopol, California
--52 Card Pickup

August 30 - A Work of Heart - San Jose, California
--52 Card Pickup

August 31 - A Work of Heart - San Jose, California
--Collage Camp


September 16-17 - San Diego Book Arts - San Diego, California
--Cover to Cover

September 19-20 - San Diego Book Arts - San Diego, California
--For Your Eyes Only

September 25 - Bella Crafts Connections Retreat - Bloomington, Minnesota
--Mixed Media Layer Conveyor


October 3 - The Ink Pad - New York, New York
--Dimensional Stenciling

October 7-9 - Art is You Retreat - Stamford, Connecticut
--October 7-9: A Library of Memories 

October 22 - Roadhouse Arts - Bulverde, Texas
--Collage Camp

October 23 - Roadhouse Arts - Bulverde, Texas
--Brick by Brick

October 24-25 - Roadhouse Arts - Bulverde, Texas
--Cover to Cover


November 13 - Art from the Heart - Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
--Collage Camp
--Registration Open - 3 seats left*****

November 14 - Art from the Heart - Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
--Dimensional Stenciling
--Registration Open*****

November 15 - Art from the Heart - Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
--52 Card Pickup - workshop filled



March 13-18 - A Case of Curiosities - Taos, New Mexico
--A very special retreat co-taught with Roxanne Evans Stout at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House
--Retreat is filled. Join the waitlist via email at shap97@gmail.com


Collage Camp – one-day workshop

Pack your paint and paper and join me for a day at camp. You will start by creating abstract, painted backgrounds as the base for your collages. Then you will move on to the process of collage, transforming bits and pieces of paper into a cohesive whole. Basic and advanced collage techniques will be reviewed and approaches to collage discussed. A series of creative exercises will take place throughout the day that will guide you as your collage develops. You will have the opportunity to create multiple collages during this workshop and will leave with a virtual toolbox of techniques which can be applied to your ongoing work in collage, painting, art journaling and mixed media.


Dimensional Stenciling – one-day workshop

Stencils have never been more popular. They are the perfect supply to use in mixed-media art, altered art, art journaling, and so many other creative domains. They're relatively inexpensive, simple to use, easy to store, and the perfect addition to many different art projects. This full-day workshop will show you how to create textured and dimensional effects using stencils. Following a brief review of non-dimensional stenciling techniques, you will be introduced to a series of products that can be used with stencils to create dimensional effects in your artwork. You will then choose your favorite approaches and supplies and use them to create stunning stenciled art.


52 Card Pickup – one-day workshop

A deck...52 cards. A year…52 weeks. Make the most of this synchronicity by creating a one-of-a-kind, mixed media journal that you can use to document a year in your life, week by week. In this workshop we will start by taking an ordinary deck of playing cards and, by using paint and paper, end up with a unique and personal journal small in size but large in impact. Along the way you will learn the secrets of creating textured and layered backgrounds, the basics of collage composition, and tricks of the trade to tie it all together. The uses for your creation are limited only by your imagination and can include a place to hold your weekly journaling, goals, documentation, affirmations, drawings, photographs, thoughts, love notes, or anything else. In this workshop, you will always be dealt a winning hand.


Brick by Brick – one-day workshop

Create a layered and textured work of art one brick at a time in this urban art workshop. The first step will be creating the material for your bricks: painted paper. You will quickly learn to be comfortable with “letting go” as we turn our paper into individual bricks. As we design our wall, brick by brick, you will be shown a way to seamlessly add and integrate text into your bricks. You will learn several different surface techniques to finish off your surface, including aging your wall, adding graffiti, and more.


Picture Windows – One-day workshop

Your photographs are the focus of this workshop. You will create a double-sided, 3-foot long, hanging photo display piece that is every bit as artful as the pictures on view. To begin, you will transform large sheets of watercolor paper into beautiful and decorative surfaces using a series of layered painting techniques. You then move on to creating the form for the photo display using folding and die cutting techniques. Next comes your photo op where ordinary photographs are turned extraordinary through a series of hand-altering approaches. Finally, the pieces come together, a hanger is added, and you leave with both a one-of-a-kind mixed media project as well as a slew of techniques to apply to future projects.


Mixed Media Dossier – one-day workshop

In this workshop you will create a personal dossier - a handmade, mixed media journal that you can use long after the workshop ends. Use it as a daily journal, a travel journal, a family scrapbook, or a theme-based diary for your interests, hobbies, or collections. During the workshop you will learn a variety of mixed media techniques for creating layers, texture, and dimension. A simple approach to binding will allow you to pull the entire project together and to add pages to your dossier at any point in the future. In the end, you will take home a one-of-a-kind and highly personal keepsake.


Cover to Cover – two-day workshop

Uncover the mixed media artist inside and take your art from Cover to Cover. This workshop is all about using mixed media techniques to create a one-of-a-kind, unconventional artist book. Using vintage book covers as the base, you will be making a series of double-sided “pages” filled edge to edge with grungy goodness. A variety of art mediums – including paint, gesso, paste, sprays, inks and more - will be combined to create layers of color, texture, and dimension. The approaches you will be introduced to can be applied to any surface and a multitude of other projects.


For Your Eyes Only – two-day workshop
(see a video of the project here)

Capture and contain your artistic spirit in the form of a one-of-a-kind artist book. In this workshop you will transform the most basic of materials – commercial book covers, cardstock, and paper – into a memorable and unique page-turner. The focus of the class will be on learning a no-sew binding technique that will allow you to bind single sheets into your book. Once your books are bound, we will also move on to creating collaged pages in a process involving making and breaking the grid. Your choice of ephemera, stamps, rub-ons, marks, drawings, etc. will be used to add design to the pages. This class is tailored to both the beginner and the advanced bookmaker. 


Viewfinder – 3-Hour Workshop

Create a unique handmade book with a twist: every page has a window that allows you to see through to the adjacent pages. The book begins with a visit to the Paper Piles to choose the paper for your covers and pages. Next you will move on to the Die Supply, where you will select the dies you will use to cut your covers, pages and windows. Once assembled, it will be time to collage your covers using paper, ephemera, and light-weight embellishments. A touch of splatter will finish off the look. Finally, you will learn a Japanese stab binding technique to bind your book together.


An Artist’s Journal – 3 hour workshop

In this workshop, you will be learn to make your own journal DIY-style. We will be using basic, easy to source materials as the basis for our journal but you can apply these techniques to more “artful” materials as well. Once your journal is bound and complete, we will begin to fill the pages. Many people are challenged to know where to begin when journaling. As such, we will discuss a simple approach that can ease anybody into starting. Using stencils, stamps and mark-making, we will create a series of journaling spaces. Using prompts, we will create a theme for every page. You will get a great start on designing the inside pages but will have to finish at home because of time limitations. In the end, you will leave with a series of techniques and approaches, as well as a personal journal ready for your writing and thoughts.


Photo Op – 3-hour workshop

With the advent of smartphones and photo apps we have all quickly become expert photographers, sharing our images by email and across social networks. Join me in this workshop and relive the "good old days" when pictures were actually held in our hands and not stored in our phones. In Photo Op we will take ordinary photographs and turn them extraordinary through a series of hand-altered techniques. Using mixed media supplies such as paints, inks and markers that you bring, a few surprises that I will bring, and your creative imagination, you will take your photographs to the next level. Are you ready for your Photo Op?  


Background Noise – 3-hour workshop

In this 3-hour workshop, you will be introduced to a series of layering techniques using acrylic paint. Each technique will be applied to a square of watercolor paper, 4 x 4 inches, to create a layered background. Once you have a group of backgrounds complete, you will add some mixed media magic using stamps, stencils, rub-ons and mark making tools. You will leave the workshop with a stack of art and a host of techniques to apply to your own work.


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Stunning workshop's would be good to see you crossing the pond

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Wow! You are really busy this year! I'm exhausted just looking at your schedule!

sherri said...

Seth, I will see you at Art Is and try for Nov in PA. It snows early in PA

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