Monday, October 1, 2007

Underground: altered photo book - one

I love taking pictures, especially of pieces of the urban landscape of New York City. I also enjoy altering photographs by hand - sanding, inking, painting, cutting, scratching, covering, and adding text, images, rubons, & scribbles. I've combined these two passion into one handmade book that I am currently working on: altered ode to NYC.


spread one

page one

page two


azirca said...

This is fantastic Seth, I love it.

I also love to 'grunge' photos, they seem to take on a new life when given a distressed type treatment.

I love the last page with the photo of the crane-like structure. I really like how you have added the little man to the photo. It's as if it is quite a normal thing for him to be there doing his gymnastic type moves. hee, cool!

What is the tape? that you have used around the edges of this particular photo? I really like it's textural quality and how it's all crinkled around the edge of it, it adds another dimension to the page.

Great work!

Gillian McMurray said...

I really love the front cover. Do you use original photos (developed the 'old fashioned' way) or print outs on photo paper when you distress them?

Seth said...

Azirca: Thanks for the positive feedback. The tape is Duck Brand Tape, edges torn by hand for extra texture. The cool thing is that it comes in 18 colors, including chrome, brown, island lime, and blaze orange. You can purchase it online at

Seth said...

Gillian: All the photos are my own and were taken with a digital camera and printed out on my home printer. Then I go crazy distressing them!!!

azirca said...

Thanks for your reply Seth and also for the link. I like the sound of all the colours that you can get it in. I may have to take a trip to my local hardware store and see if I can find some.
Thanks so much.

Gillian McMurray said...

Thanks for your reply, Seth. I use a digital camera too so I will print out a few of my pics and give distressing them a try. I have a few nice ones of my local graveyard that might work quite well.

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the way you alter the photos, what a fabulous book

Anonymous said...

This a great book and the photos are fab! Given me some good ideas with what to do with my own growing collection of NYC grunge pics. Nice to find a like mind :-)