Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Pulse: go-to website


The first two I hit in the morning are the New York Times
and My.Yahoo where I keep a list of links to favorite comic strips.
Karen Jacobs

I guess I answered that when I spoke about the band forum. I do love to troll around on Amazon. It's fun to look up a book then follow the recommendations and end up in a category of books you might never have discovered.
Michelle Ward

Tuscan Rose. I spend tons of time working on my site and when I am done I am too tired to go anywhere else.
Patty Van Dorin

Etsy. great handmade, renegade shopping that will one day include ME if I ever get around to it.
Lisa Hoffman

flickr is an amazing photography community. Whether you are a photographer looking to share your creativity with others or you enjoy looking at lots of interesting images, flickr has something for everyone.
Barbara Kleinhans

Ebay – always on the hunt!
Judy Wilkenfeld

torrents search engine - to download music (it's still legal in Canada!)
Trudi Sissons

Lin Dunbrack a wonderfully talented assemblage artist who creates art from found objects.

Randel Plowman
Bridgette Guerzon Mills

My friend J R Compton's site, Dallas Arts Revue about Dallas art and Dallas artists, an admittedly short subject.
James Michael Starr

Ro Bruhn

my own- since I've been working on it A LOT lately. other than that Design*Sponge.
Jen Renninger

I like the British Library's website . They have such an amazing collection of manuscripts and texts. Some other UK sites I like are: Selvedge, Crafts Council, Banksy, and Book Art Bookshop.
not mass produced

Okay, I just picked the one I have visited the most this past week. I love quotes of all kinds and here is where I linger for way too long: ThinkExist.com It is one of the best, in my opinion for great quotes!
Roben-Marie Smith

if I had to hone in on just one, I'd have to go with flickr. Eye candy GALORE!
Jen Worden

Angela Cartwright Studio
Angela Cartwright

C.W. Slade
CW Slade

i don't have one, i browse a lot
Stephanie McAtee

Flickr. I'm obsessed and am adding new things pretty much every day. I love seeing what other people put out there, too
Jessica Gonacha

Gillian McMurray


jenny's pencil
Jenny Archibald

My current go-to website is my own.
Sarah Fishburn

David Castle

Design Sponge or Zen Habits
Ali Edwards

Medium Coffee - Double Cream - 3 Splenda's
Maralena Howard

Marie Otero

I don't hang with web-sites any more now that I've discovered blogs.
I'm more interested in what artists have to say than in looking at their work without any commentary. The blog fleshes out the work for me.
Judy Wise

eons (website for 50+ years old baby boomers - I am so embarassed!)
Andrew Borloz

don't look at websites
Teesha Moore

Scott Radke, Tim Holtz, (and MANY more)
Lisa Renner

River Garden Studio
Roxanne Evans Stout

hmmm...I don't think I have a go-to website...does the Google search page count?
Susanna Gordon

Linda Woods

I would have to say Google because of Blogger, the search engine, Picasa2,and Google Earth. Besides, how many websites have become verbs?



michelle ward said...

seth - your survey has been my "go-to website" this week!

mcdc3s said...

I agree with Michelle. Between here and everyone else who has participated in the survey... I haven't had much time for anything else!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how one can not visit other web sites or blogs and yet have a web site & blog that they want others to visit? Is this when one knows they've arrived as an "artist" when they can get peole to buy and enjoy their work, but not have to visit or buy from others?