Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Pulse: Medium Well 2

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question: If you could work in one medium or format that you haven't yet tried, tell us what it would be and why. The following is the second of four posts to answer this question.

Shona Cole Print making. Why? hmmmm….. ‘cause is looks cool and graphic-y. A close relation is carving my own stamps…. I have done it and need to do more.

Ingrid Dijkers It would probably be film/video. I took a few classes in college and have always been fascinated by it.

Kristy Cristopherson Precious metal clay. I have wanted to try it for ages, and have the kit to do so, but just need to take the plunge :)

Marissa O'Brien I've tried pottery, but only briefly in a one day class. I'd like to take a class someday and learn how to throw pottery on a wheel. The art of throwing pottery on a wheel looks so appealing to me

Teesha Moore Sculpture! I would absolutely LOVE to create sculptures around my yard but don't have a clue how to start doing that. I have so many ideas for them though. I want to bring my images I create on paper to 3-d life. I would also LOVE to work with an architect to design a really cool house/studio/cabin. I want to do the dreaming part of it and have them do the nuts and bolts of figuring out how to make it.

Barbara Kleinhans Old-style photography, like photo gravure or toy cameras, where there is a certain level of unpredictability to the results.

Cory Celaya I don’t believe there is a medium that I have not tried...the one that calls to me is works in fiber and mixed media. I would like to create large mixed media wall hangings. My grandmother taught me to sew. My mother taught me how to create with whatever was on hand. I would love to get back to that.

Nina Bagley canvas. i want to learn how to paint.

Stephanie Hilvitz Steel…..I have designed a couple of pieces in steel and would like to have the knowledge and tools to do this work myself.

Chris Miser I would make fabric collages and books. I don’t sew (yet), but I love the textures and warmth of fabrics. It appeals to me that a two-dimensional object on a wall or lying on a table can have warmth and touchability. It can be a delight when that happens. It’s like looking at something from the other side.

Kathy McCreedy Think it would be really good for me to learn to draw better. I don't really enjoy drawing, but I know it is an essential skill to have as an artist. It would be advantageous for me to practice drawing as a calligrapher, too... anything to improve that hand-eye coordination!

Debbie Overton I have always wanted to try watercolor. I love how the colors blend and flow so softly yet the detail can be very complex.

grrl+dog Total digital, because it would be a real challenge. Art is sensuous, You get messy, you get into it; sticky, wet, and lush. Digital art would be the opposite of that. Dry and ordered. Not saying I could DO it....hahahahahah

Lynne Hoppe Wow, that's hard..... maybe clay, mostly because it's so earthy and organic, but I don't see myself moving on anytime soon...

Nancy Baumiller Photoshop! It is very intriguing and I am sure it could add many other elements to my work! Also, I have worked in fabric but would like to expand on that medium!

Kelsey O'Mullane I’ve noticed a huge surge in popularity of using fabric in mixed media. Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t all “fabricked” out from all those years of costume making, as I do love the warmth and textural quality that fabric can bring to artwork. Maybe in the future I might be able to bring myself to sit down at my sewing machine for art’s sake rather than just hemming my son’s jeans! I’d also like to draw/paint so I can portray the images that I see in my own head.

Gina Petterson Digital. I would love to learn the fundamentals of drawing still life, animals and fantasy type images within a software program.

Sarah "Flo" Harris Definitely fabric. I drool over Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine every other month - and deeply admire the work of artists like Beryl Taylor who use fabric extensively in their work. But I can't work a sewing machine, my hand sewing is a mess, and every time I pick up a piece of fabric it laughs at me. No, really, it does. I can hear it.

Debbie Mihalik Photography, specifically macro photography. I really
enjoy working with digital collage and would love to include my own images in these works.

Linda Woods Metal sculptures.Welding is cool and I love the Flashdance soundtrack!

Gail Pierce I used to think that I wanted to work with clay. I was jealous of the students in the clay studio at Monterey Peninsula College where I studied photography. That desire died after working with polymer clay and discovering that it wasn’t a medium I enjoyed. Being that clay and polymer are semi-close relatives I have a feeling that taking up pottery would be too stressful. I would like to do more with digital photography; everything in its time.


Leslie said...

I'm getting some new ideas of mediums to lust for here!

Thanks, Seth.

Terry said...

Its really fun to see what everyone wants to play with - and nice to realize everyone else need several lifetimes to do them all too!

I'm tagging you with the Brillante Award - I know you have done so many awards, but personally I think Everyone needs to find your blog, so I hope the award sends more people your way! See my post from Sept. 6 if you choose -