Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Pulse Spotlight: Sally Turlington

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question: Where does the magic happen? Tell us about the studio, room, corner, desk, table, floor, or wall where you make art and show us one photograph which somehow captures your creative space or a work in progress.

This Pulse Spotlight is brought to you by the talented, generous, sincere, and multi-faceted Sally Turlington. After you read this post, click here to read Sally's secret for keeping her studio in such great order. Than click here to see her unbelievable, spectacular, extraordinary, and wonderous collections that she houses in her amazing studio. And to learn more about Sally, click here to read an interesting and revealing interview. (NOT YET -- harumph)


Having graduated from the dining room table to a small bedroom space, I finally have a REAL studio. We enclosed our single car garage and added ten feet on the back with skylights, a half bath, and windows! It started out about 10 years ago really "darling" but has since completely filled with STUFF. It isn't a beautiful place - except to me - but it is quite functional. I LOVE being in there and so do my friends and family. It's magical, curious, and fun everywhere you look.

My picture tour of the studio starts here --where I sit. You might be able to tell that I'm going around the room counterclockwise from this first picture.

If I look to the right, I will see the back wall of the studio. Windows look out to a flower bed and trees.)

This is where the TV is in the back corner of the room. I display gifts and swaps here, too.

When I look up from the table where I work -- I see this just across from me. As you can see, it is where I store lots of stuff.

This is my main entrance to the studio from the back door of the house and across the breezeway (where the delivery guy - my sweet hubby parks his golf cart). In the little white book case are my newest art books. On top of it are the latest magazine issues. After I've read them, I file them in the new paper storage rack behide the bookcase in the nook.

Here is where I have my new paper storage cabinet (old disc jockey rack), some of my rubber stamps, and for now, my golden heavy body paints. That paint rack is portable and the rubber stamp carts roll. so I can pull them where I need them.

All of the tables are currently down the middle of the studio. I consider that there are three areas in the studio -- the BACK where I sit, the MIDDLE where the equipment and built in cabinets are, and the FRONT where the reading area with couch is. This is a picture down the middle of the MIDDLE section. Comprende?

Just beyond the built in shelves is the front corner of the studio where I have my grandmother's old antique armoire housing supplies and bearing my doll and statue collection on top. . . fodder for collage and assemblages.

This shows the reading area bookcase with art books and back issues of magazines. At the end of the couch you can barely see a barrel of Barbie dolls for alterted art.

Just on the other side of the reading bookcase, is a half bath. The door is shown closed here. Also in this picture, you can see the three stands of magazines and books I have available for cutting up and using in collage and altered art.

Here you get a glimpse of the books on the wall in the restroom. It also shows some of the equipment on the tables down the middle of the MIDDLE section of the studio: Zyron, copy machine, coil binding machine, hot press, sewing machine. And you can glimpse Iris carts under the copy machine table... there are three which have collections of dice, dominoes, compasses, small boxes, encaustic supplies, and other supplies. On the wall outside the restroom is a bookcase for my graphic art book collection and clip art books.

Here is the art sink (significantly dirty and painty!), refrigerator, and microwave. Not visable next to the sink there is a toaster oven dedicated to clay. Nothing in this room is used for food consumption except the microwave and refrigerator. (Of course, my batch of walnut ink in in the frig door - hmm, hope no one drinks it. LOL. The tall, white folding table across from the sink is on rollers and is where I stand to do work when I need a large flat area.

Unfortunaltely, this area is where I've begun to stack two layers of furniture -- geeze, I hope I don't do that all the way around the studio! Yikes. This is my bin storage on rollers. I have rubber stamps and ephemera in these 21 bins. The popcorn cartons hold my decorative and handmade paper. to the left of the bins is an Iris cart with my most used rubber stamps and my heat guns.

Here is where you can see what's behind the bin storage . . .an entertainment center with some of my favorite jewelry-making and art books, my cd player, storage rack with my cheap acrylic paints, two shelves of old books to use in collage, and a glass front display case with my antique photo albums and a few art gifts. Behind the Iris cart is a cabinet where I keep a shredder, hot pots for encaustic, a light box, etc.

This is how the studio looks from the street that runs along the side of our property.

If you stand at the back door of our house this is the view to the studio. It is just across the small covered breezeway.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

I can happily say I've been there. It is more that wonderful.

sf said...

In the event of a national emergency, one could easily practice long-term survival skills in Sally's studio, que no???


Sally, I know you don't know me, but could I come live in your studio please???????

FishStikks said...

And could I come live there with Suzan?

My heavens that huge wooden cabinet is to die for!!

What is it and where and how did you acquire it? I love that thing!!

Anonymous said...

Sally, you've got the best studio! I'm sorry Camp Turlington had to be cancelled because of Ike but electricity is a necessity when creating. Next time!

Anonymous said...

Sally, you've got the best studio! I'm sorry Camp Turlington had to be cancelled because of Ike but electricity is a necessity when creating. Next time!

sarahelizabeth said...

Nice studio! Love all your storage spaces :)

firstborn studio said...

magically organized...a dream for me!
i,too,covet the big wooden goodness!

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Love to rummage around here, you have heaps of lovely things :-)
Confined you say, it looks huge to me!
If you are interested you can see my studio here ...
Mine is nor always this tidy, actually when I am in a state of inspired creation a bomb hits the place ;-)

Ann Christine Dennison said...

PS. I am in love with your wooden cabinet!!!!!!

Diane said...

Your workspace looks wonderfully wonderful. Someday, hopefully sooner than later, as I am currently busting out of our home office. I am dreammminnnggg right about now =)