Friday, September 12, 2008

The Pulse: Topflight Website 3

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question: At least for today, your can't-live-without blog or website is... The following is the third of four posts to answer this question.

Nina Bagley i love etsy - it provides a wonderful marketplace for my jewelry, and allows me to shop for a wide assortment of findings (beads, vintage materials, fabric) for my work. i'm also continually inspired by the energy and creativity of others there.

Suzan Buckner Besides my own, I would have to say The Huntsville Art Blog ( It does a wonderful job of keeping me up to date on all the local art happenings.

Mary Buek I have three that I read every day: An Artist's Journal (Martha Marshall); Petunia Face; and Mrs. Blandings.; I love Mrs. Blandings's design sense & she's from my hometown; Martha Marshall is a wonderful creative abstract artist; not an art blog, but Petunia is a very funny writer.

Marissa O'Brien &rew Borloz (

Jen Bradford Just one?! I will have to choose flickr, because it encompasses so many different sorts of images and media, and is such a great place to browse for a long time. No shortage of content there.

Stephanie Hilvitz I get hugely inspired…daily…from Be Dream Play.

not mass produced etsy

Stephanie Mcatee none… BUSY DAY ;-)

Kim Logan Hmmmm....this is a toughie, I visit quite a lot of blogs and websites on a far too often basis..!!...but my favourite website ever is of a digital artist I absolutely adore the work of, and have hesitated to tell you as I’d like to keep him to myself....!!!!....however, after a second or two thinking about it. I have decided the more people that know his work the better for here it is Istvan Horkay The Museum Factory ...stunning work isn’t it..!!!

Max Ackerson My can't-live-without website for today is Youtube, because it has everything from How to videos and arttutorials to the latest news.

Marion Bockelman I don´t think I have one right now. If I need some inspiration there are two things I can do: going through my blogroll or going to my Flickr site and view the latest uploads of my contacts. That´s what I love about Flickr: you get to know a lot of new people and can send them contact requests, then when you click on your contacts you always see their latest pics. Very quick and easy, and I love the variety of artists.

Megan Barron I love reading the whip-smart writings of xtinpore & fretmarks

Ro Bruhn Well Seth one would definitely have to be yours, there's so much inspiration here and lots of surprises. I also like to visit and drool over the things at Rio Grande

Kate Strickland Mystory ( by Jo Horswill. There are a multitude of wonderful sites to visit and I have many favourites, but my day is not complete unless I have stopped by Jo’s blog. Upon visiting, I feel as though I have entered a rich world of soulful wonder and the home of a kindred spirit.

Dina Wakley much inspiration there, I could get lost for hours. Oh, and iTunes.

Steph Brouwers That’s a tough question. I am addicted to too many blogs and sites ... though at the moment I try to spend less time on the net... Oddly enough, at the moment I am a youtube addict... I really need to improve my English so I spend a lot of time watching it (art docmentaries, interviews, trailers...). And I also like to read The New York Times online and The Black Snob- (a news blog but from an african american point of view).

Valerie Foster

Kelly Parker

Lisa Call

Kathleen Botsford I love your blog and Shirley Ende-Saxe. For some reason you two always inspire me, not to say I do anything with it!

Kathy McCreedy Michelle Ward's site Sherry creates the kind of art I think about but don't have the experience to produce.


sarahelizabeth said...

Nice links!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it interesting!!! ALL the inspiration that's out there...

of COURSE you are the pot that mixes it all together.


Shirley Ende-Saxe said...

Oh Lordy, more stuff to look at, my cup runneth over! And thanks for the plug by way of Kathleen!