Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A True Story

Last week I was inspired to create some Face Books, handmade mini books with an artful face(s) on the cover. Today I made one more book but my inspiration can be found on the inside rather than the outside of the book: tabs.

One of my favorite "book looks" is when things spill over the edges of the cover. Todays "spillage" is courtesy of Donna Salazar and her Creative Page Tabs from Spellbinders.

I started with one of the mini books from my stash. Made of hand painted, watercolor paper, it measures about 3.75 x 3 inches and uses the pamphlet stitch.

First thing I did was cut out a series of tags using the Creative Page Tabs dies and Ephemera Paper from the Media Mixage line.

I cut out some other images from the Ephemera Paper set to use for my cover.

I also made some shaped die cuts to create layers for the cover, using both decorative paper and hand painted paper.

Wanting to add more interest to the book, I used some stickers from 7 Gypsies to add words to both the tabs and the cover. I also added a bit of shading and line using both a pen and a marker. In the end, I had "A True Story"


Supply List

Spellbinders Paper Art Supplies:

GC-001 SpellbindersTM Grand Caibur® Machine
S5-052 SpellbindersTM Shapeabilities® Creative Page Tabs
MD1-001 SpellbindersTM Media Mixage Ovals One
S4-201 SpellbindersTM Nestabilities® Deckled Rectangles Small
MP1-002 SpellbindersTM Media Mixage Ephemera Paper Two

Cross Promotional Partners: 7 Gypsies Stickers

Other: watercolor paper, decorative paper, gesso, acrylic paint, acrylic medium, paint brush, rub ons, pen, marker, adhesive, waxed linen thread, sewing needle, scissor, awl


Roberta Warshaw said...

You are so creative! I love these little books. They really give new meaning to the phrase, "making something from nothing.

froebelsternchen said...

very artsy Seth!
a very clever and artful organizer!

The blank watercolor paper looks quite a bit like handmade paper... fab!

elle said...

The page tabs are used so creatively. I just want to flick through...

Vonnie's Bittersweet Art Studio said...

Having just the handmade book in mind I know what I am going to do today. May make it a short term daily art book. Just the project for another cold, rain to snow, wish for warmth, April day.

Evelyn said...

Really liking the Spellbinder dies you are using. Probably another addiction I will acquire before too long.

Jo Murray said...

It's good to be able to follow the process Seth.

Parabolic Muse said...

well, the PAPER looks amazing, for a start.
I like how it turned out, and I also think I may take up your love of spilling things over the edges. I mean, I've done it within the boundaries of a journal cover before, but never beyond the cover. I've always been a fraidy cat with that. But why not?!

Angi in hana said...

i love this little book! i am gonna make one, i love the idea of the tabs! it is so funny how simple little paper tabs change the whole book! tx again seth for sharing and inspiring, i really, really appreciate it these days as i have been lost in a tunnel of life!! aloha, angi in hana

Patti Edmon Artist said...

The details, the construction, the finished look, all so fabulous (of course:). Love the way you're incorporating product with your own resources - cool!

Miek said...

I love this book!! Great organized.

Renee said...

Gorgeous little book! I just want to look through it, slowly.

Darlene K Campbell said...

That's a good idea to have mini books already made in your stash ready to go. I love seeing tabs sticking out of pages.

Lynn said...

Thank you so much for your well organized presentations. Your posts provide so much more than inspiration and a 'lesson.' I just purchased the deckled rectangles and tabs, btw. And I see that I need to get back into papermaking now.... :-)