Friday, August 22, 2014


I recently posted about a new book from artist Lesley Riley called Creative Image Transfer - Any Artist, Any Style, Any Surface: 16 New Mixed-Media Projects Using TAP Transfer Artist Paper. I am pleased to have been a contributor to her book and have had an opportunity to use a product she developed called Transfer Artist Paper to TAP. This miraculous material enables you to transfer any image to nearly every surface simply with an iron. 

My contribution is Libellus. Briefly, this book was made by gutting and rebinding a vintage book. I used TAP in several different ways. It was used to transfer both the background text to the book cover and the main cover image within the frame. The image is my own photograph taken on the Charles Bridge in Prague. The frame and other embellishments on the cover were made using Spellbinders dies. Additional metal elements were included and the book was further altered to add an aged feel to the cover. Full step-by step instructions are provided in Lesley's book.

That is my project on the bottom left hand corner of the cover 


Erin in Morro Bay said...

I love the word transfers as an over-all background on the cover. And isn't it fun to use our own photos? Wonderful project.

PocketSize said...

Ok that's really cool. I think I need to look into this TAP stuff :) I love your project, with the antique/altered look and the beautiful statue photo. Me likey.

Jo Murray said...

Goodonya Seth. Haven't tried TAP yet...but there are several good image transfer products around.

Unknown said...

Very cool. The picture draws you in. I like the composition of the old and the new. And I always appreciate it when artists share their wisdom, strength and hope. Thank you for connecting us to new and educational avenues. I'm not always on your blog but I get excited when I see news from you arriving in my inbox!

Create Beauty with Laurajo said...

Congratulations, Seth! Very Cool!! TAP seems so awesome. A must try and on my list. said...

I have been learning about TAP from Lesley Riley on Life Book 2014 this is magnificent so so beautiful. Congratulations
susan s