Tuesday, August 19, 2014


My newest mixed media medallion was inspired by Spellbinders Rose Medallion pendant from their A Gilded Life Collection. Beautiful on its own, the only adjustment I made was snipping off the loop at the top of the crown.

The base for my artwork is a 4"x4" cradled wood panel they are layered with gesso, acrylic paint and acrylic glazes.

Once completed, I began to gather and create embellishments that I could stack below and within the pendant. First up was die cutting gold craft foil into a gear shape using the Spellbinders Sprightly Sprocket die set.

I then created two loop and one circle from hand painted paper that I cut using a series of dies from Spellbinders Standard Circles Large and Small.

Echoing the metal in the pendant, I chose three metal embellishments to stack, one purchased, one found, and one vintage (from a watch)

Been hooked on Spellbinders Shoot! die set and used one of the dies to cut gold craft foil. Snipping off the feather ends of the arrows makes the die cuts perfect for this piece.

My favorite part comes next: gluing all the components together and watching the completed artwork unfold.


Sold. Thank you!

Supply List

Spellbinders Paper Art Supplies:

MMM-001 Spellbinders® Artisan X-plorer
GL2-005 Spellbinders® A Gilded Life Rose Medallion Pendant
S5-048 Spellbinders® ShapeabilitiesTM Sprightly Sprockets
S4-114 Spellbinders® NestabilitiesTM Standard Circles Large
S4-116 Spellbinders® NestabilitiesTM Standard Circles Small

IN-015 Spellbinders® ShapeabilitiesTM Shoot! 
F-012 Spellbinders® Precious Metals Premium Craft Foils Assortment 

Other: cradled wood panel, gesso, paint brush, hand painted paper, metal embellishments, adhesive, scissor, tin snips


Claudia N. said...

Love this series of yours, Seth!

The symmetrical design is just perfect to showcase the magic there is to the elements you used!

Greetings from Vienna,

Claudia x

PocketSize said...

Love this one! Those colors are just beautiful.

Michelle Remy said...

I really like seeing how the piece came together step-by-step...really very cool! Your eye for design amazes me!

Kathi said...

Stunning piece!

Thanks for sharing your creative process with us!


Unknown said...


trish quilty said...

love this piece Seth.

Carol said...

Fabulous, Seth!

Jackie PN said...

I love your background colors- they are sooo delish!!! This is another awesome piece to your series Seth! Wonderful!!, but I have to admit, when i saw the title of your post, I thought I was going to see and king and queen! heehee

Unknown said...

Ah Seth
I think I loooove
Spellbinders now !!!!!